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Dr. Care
Dr. Care, DDS
Category: Dental
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Experience:  General Dentistry-private practice 21 yrs. Member ADA
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I have a movable lump in my cheek that can only be felt with

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I have a movable lump in my cheek that can only be felt with mouth wide open. What could this be? Tina

Dr. Care :

Hello,I hope I can be of service.

Dr. Care :

A lump in the cheek is probably not of grave danger. If it is not a visible lesion or sore, it could be a gland that is irritated or has a blocked duct. Sometimes cheek biting in an area can create a lump also. If you can find your way to an oral surgeon, they have a lot of experience in soft tissue issues. You may need a referal from a general dentist however. You can make contact with surgeons in your area to see if you can go directly.

I'm quite sure I know what this is, and would be happy to tell you more
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No cheek biting. The lump can only be felt from the outside. I cannot find the lump with my mouth closed or from the inside of my mouth. If I manipulate the lump several times it will ache for a minute but not longer. -Tina
Well, I lost touch with you last evening. If you are still waiting for an answer I will continue on. Depending on where this lump is as far as positioning. If it is about midline between the upper and lower teeth and back as far as the molars it is probably the parotid gland in which it is not uncommon to have a blocked duct. You should be able to feel it by gently squeezing the area with your thumb on the inside and finger on the outside of your cheek. If you otherwise cannot feel anything on the inside then it may be from the skin itself or a gland just under the skin. I would say then if you cannot feel it by this method at all on the inside of the mouth then seek a dermatologist to check from the outside.
Dr. Care, DDS
Category: Dental
Satisfied Customers: 107
Experience: General Dentistry-private practice 21 yrs. Member ADA
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