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Dr. Mariana
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My lip is still numb 28 hours after fillings, and my cheek

Resolved Question:

My lip is still numb 28 hours after fillings, and my cheek is swollen. ideas?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Mariana replied 5 years ago.
Hi, I am here to help you,
Although uncommon, injury to the mandibular (lower jaw) nerve may result in anesthesia (numbness). If the entire nerve is affected, the symptoms may mimic the effects of partial or complete numbness following a dental injection of local anesthetic, including the lower lip. this is usually the result of a trauma or bruise on the nerve that enervates the teeth and lip. This happens to about 2 to 5 % of all mandibular injections.
Patients with nerve injury after dental injection have a good prognosis. Spontaneous complete recovery from the altered sensation occurs within a few weeks in over 95% of the patients.
The sensation of swollen cheek can be also a side effect of the numbness, or some of the anesthetic infiltration into the soft tissue. If this is the case, it will also resolve on its own.
I would advice to have the dentist follow up on your symptoms.
I hope this helps!
Dr Mariana Levy
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The teeth numbed were #2 and #6. Would answer still be applicable? You referenced the lower jaw. Thanks!
Expert:  Dr. Mariana replied 5 years ago.
it will affect the upper lip in same fashion.
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