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Category: Dental
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Experience:  General Dentist in private practice since 1989.
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I have a red swollen area on my gum above one of my top

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I have a red swollen area on my gum above one of my top right teeth, between the teeth. It was just red and sore but now a small white bump has formed. What's wrong with me??

Hello, I practice near Pittsburgh PA so any questions on price or techniques should be considered with that in mind unless otherwise listed. The white bump forms when a tooth is abscessed. If the tooth has a large filling or has decay in it the nerve becomes infected with bacteria. They multiple and a swelling happens more toward the root of the tooth than the top of the tooth. Sometimes, a person has cut the area with a tooth brush. On the inside sometimes the area is cut by pizza bread or chips that are hard and slice the tissue. They can form a white spot which is more like a gash than a round white spot. But on the outside of the gums, mostly it is the sign a tooth is abscessed. A antibiotic is prescribed to fight bacteria and the tooth is extracted or a Root Canal is done and later restored with a crown. I hope this answers your question.


I see a small cut on the gum, next to the tiny white bump. Could the swelling be caused by the tiny cut or an abcess?


Im sorry I did not get back sooner. I am new to this format and sometimes trying to understand email, chats and secondary questions is complicated for an expert format. Anyway, A tiny cut would not produce swelling normally. If you sliced open an area a that a piece of tissue hanging it might appear to be abscessed with a white milky spot around this area. But that is a clot in the mouth. It looks like creamy mayonaise and when it gets debris or if you smoke you get a cruton looking thing. That's because the mouth keeps the clot moist so it doesn't turn brown and hard and crusty like on the skin on the arm. The hallmark look is a pimple. Where you have a raised area that may have a white circular area. If you can squeeze it then pus will come out. (Not to be gross). I hope this helps. I am leaving for the night and will be back in tomorrow. Please feel free to leave another email for me to answer. I want to serve your dental needs.

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