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I have pain where my gum and cheek meet in the back of my

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I have pain where my gum and cheek meet in the back of my mouth toward the jawline. I have a small dental mirror with a light on it and the area looks very raw and purplish. I had this once before a few months ago and rinsed w/salt water and peroxide rinse and was able to get it to subside. Now I'm concerned that it's back again. I recently moved and don't even have a dentist yet. FYI: I had my wisdom teeth out 20 years ago, and got an infection that took more than 1 month to heal w/antibiotics. Thank you!
Hi, I will be happy to answer your question.
It sounds like you may have redundant tissue which is a little left over tissue from when you had your wisdom teeth extracted. It is usually located just behind your last tooth and sometimes food debris and bacteria can accumulate in that area and cause a minor gum infection called pericornitis.
The treatment for pericornitis does involve rinsing with medicaments as you described, but sometimes antibiotics are required to allow the area to heal and also a prescription mouth rinse called Chlorhexidine. If the area does not respond to over the counter self care you will need to find a dentist to help you with your problem. If the area in question tends to recur the tissue may need to be trimmed or surgically excised to prevent further problems.
I hope this helps.
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