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Dr. Alex
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I have large red bumps on the very back of my tongue, along

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I have large red bumps on the very back of my tongue, along with a white film on my forward tongue going back to surround, but not cover, the large bumps. Bumps are red and wet looking, with no white film. Please understand these are not inflamed taste buds. Some of these bumps are about the size of a number two encil eraser. Just slightly smaller and dome shaped. It goes from the back crest of my tongue, over the hill and just slightly downward to parts I can't see. There is always a great deal of mucus that I can suck up and spit out from the area. Occasionaly it feels like I just "skinned" it, like a very minor knee abrasion. Goes away quickly. No real pain. More like a swollen area feeling mostly up close to my inside ear area. Temp is 97.9. Been fightling what I was told is gingivitis. Antibiotics have not killed it. No vaginal yeast issues. No lip, or inside jaw skin issues. Glands don't seem to be involved. Ears do drain into throat quite often and have sinus post nasal drip. Quit smoking a year ago. Used e-cigs for a while after that. Quit that about 4-5 months ago. Can't think of anything else. What do you think it is? How should I treat it?
DR. ALEX : Great question, let me help you.

Are you there?


Well...what do I do now? I see no answer? lol

DR. ALEX : Are you on education?
DR. ALEX : Medication, I mean?

No. I did gargel with peroxide and water last night. Thats it

DR. ALEX : You need to continue rinsing with peroxide for seven days, three times a day

I looked at it all this morning and beginning to think it is yeast. Everything is whie back there. No curd like substances though



DR. ALEX : If your symptoms don't resolve, then see your dentist
DR. ALEX : You may need nystatin, if it's a yeast infection, but try peroxide first

I can't reach all of the infection because it goes down past the crest of my tongue in back. Was wondering if I should take acidolphous or something similar otc

DR. ALEX : That won't hurt, since you can't swallow the peroxide
DR. ALEX : But if you see no change over the next few days, see your dentist on Monday for nystatin

Doctor okay? Takes about 3 months to get into a dentist office around here. Small town

DR. ALEX : Yes

okay. thanks

DR. ALEX : Please click accept
DR. ALEX : Thanks, ***** *****
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