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I would like to know the average cost of a full set of

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I would like to know the average cost of a full set of dentures. I tripped over my dog and landed directly on my face and broke my nose. I had upper and lower partials on my back teeth. Where they were attached to my real teeth some were broken. It is really too extensive to explain, but needless to say my front teeth, both upper and lower are all loose and getting looser. Medicare says they don't cover this. I'm 69 and frankly I'm vain. I've aged very well and people think I've had plastic surgery, but I haven't. I'm afraid some day I'll wake up and those teeth will have fallen out and been swallowed and I will look like a toothless granny from the back hills of Virginia. I really need for a dentist to do the dental work free if that's possible. I also need to know what the procedure is. Do they pull all your teeth at once? Then what happens? How long before they put the dentures in? You have no teeth at all until you get the dentures? I'd have to hide in a closet! Do they always have to make a clacking sound? My grandmother's dentures did. Of all the things in the world I never thought I'd have to have dentures and I'm traumatized. I hope I don't sound too pathetic.

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The process is quite simple. You will have an impression made first of your mouth the way it is. Then, a lab will make your denture based on these impressions. You will come back to the dentist and have the teeth removed, and the denture put in the same day, so you will not have to walk around without teeth. This is called an immediate denture. Your denture may get loose over the following few months, at which point you will go back to your dentist for a reline. This is where the denture is made to fit tight again. The total cost for a full set of dentures runs around $3000. To have teeth extracted costs around $250 per tooth. If your dentures are tight, you will not have the clacking sound like you mentioned. Please accept my answer. Thank you


Thank you, doctor.

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