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I have bumps on the back on my tongue and a raised line. At

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I have bumps on the back on my tongue and a raised line. At first it felt like I had something in my throat. It started about a month ago and has gotten worse and spread to the other side of my tongue. I went to urgent care a week ago and the doctor looked quickly at my throat and ears. She said the throat was slightly red and prescribed Cipro. the bumps are still there. You can't really see them just looking in. I felt them with my finger.
Great question, let me help you. The bumps you feel/notice are actually cicumvallate papillae, normal dome shaped bumps on the back of your tongue. When you felt them and noticed them was likely when they may have been slightly enlarged possibly due to an infection, which explains why you were prescribed Cipro. They will go back to their normal size, but the bumps will not go away, as they are normal structures on your tongue. Most people never know they are there unless they temporarily enlarge (in your case) or if they really look back there for them. Don't worry though, they are nothing to be concerned with. I hope this helps, please accept my answer! By the way, a good resource to understand what they are is at the following web address if you want to look them up:
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I didn't know they were actually bumps on my tongue until Saturday night. When I saw the doctor last Mon., she really didn't look very long and since I didn't know they were bumps, didn't say there were bumps. I just told her that it felt like I had something in my throat on the left side. I am concerned because I would have thought they should be gone by now. I've been on Cipro for a week. I have never had anything like this before in my life. She said strep throat was going around. Could that cause the bumps?

Strep may cause the bumps to enlarge. Keep in mind the bumps could also be lymphoid tissue in the back of your throat, like your tonsils. These typically enlarge during infections as well. If the Cipro doesn't seem to be working, call your dentist for a different antibiotic.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The bumps go really far back and it feels like I have a hair in the back of my throat. It's driving me crazy. Should they go down with the antibiotics? I just read that gargling with a mouthwash that has peroxide can irritate those papillae. I have been doing that, but not every day. It's a tooth whitening mouthwash. Do you think they will go away?
they should go away within 1-2 weeks. If not, contact your dentist.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you so much! I feel a little better now.
You're welcome