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Dr. Alex
Dr. Alex, Dentist
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Pain above/at canine tooth, is swollen up to bottom of nose

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pain above/at canine tooth, is swollen up to bottom of nose and gum is hard
Great question, let me help you. Your symptoms indicate an infection of the tooth or gums. If it is a chronic infection, the antibiotics you are taking may not be strong enough to control it, and you may require antibiotic injections. The only way to know if it is gum or tooth related is to see your dentist. I understand you cannot afford to, but there are clinics that are much more affordable than private practices. You may want to look in your phonebook or on Google for "public dental office/clinic" in your area to seek care. Normal treatment for an infected tooth is root canal or extraction. If it is just infected gums, you may need a deep cleaning. As far as home care, warm salt water rinses and dilute hydrogen peroxide rinses can help control infection if it isn't too chronic. Be sure to continually floss and brush the area immaculately as well. You should try these treatments in the meantime, until you can see a dentist. Please accept my answer. Thanks!
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