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I have what appears to be a skin tag inside my mouth. Being

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I have what appears to be a skin tag inside my mouth. Being that I don't have insurance I was wondering if there is anything I can do to get rid of it? Possibly there is something I can take or a mouth rinse? Thankyou
Great question, let me help you. If your skin tag is on the inside of your cheek, then many times it is a result of accidentally chewing or biting your cheek. This happens on a lot of people who grind or clench their teeth at night and they accidentally bite their cheeck in the process of grinding. For these people that develop a skin tag, sometimes they can get rid of it by wearing a night guard to help protect them and even stop them from grinding at night. The less they end up biting the cheek area the more likely the skin tag will go away on it's own. If not, then it will have to surgically removed. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to remove a skin tag in your mouth on your own with home care. There just isn't any special rinse or tool to use on your own. This is normally reserved for dentists b/c you have to be extremely careful in surgically removing these tags due to nerves in the mouth, controlling bleeding, and sometimes the need to place stitches. I recommend you don't try it on your own, and try the night guard (you can get one at Wal Mart called "boil and bite") and see if that causes your skin tag to go away on its own, naturally. If I've been of assistance, please accept my answer. Thank you.
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