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My bridge got loose within 6 months and had to recement 2

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my bridge got loose within 6 months and had to recement 2 has been 2
years that i cannot really eat on that i am told have to redo
another bridge.and the costs are always increasing....the teeth underneath look
very short...i am concerned about why it order to prevent other problems and also how to get my refund with proper 2nd evaluation. I am from Canada.
Great question, let me help you. A bridge will come off for a variety of reasons. First, there may be moisture underneath the bridge. This is likely if the bridge doesn't fit tightly around the teeth. If this is the case, then you should be owed a new bridge at no cost. The way to tell is to have a dentist do a clinical evaluation and an x-ray to see the fit. If it is bad, then he can contact your previous dentist and request a refund. The second main reason a bridge would keep falling off is if the teeth are too short underneath. You mentioned that they looked very short. Bridges need a certain amount of tooth to hold on to in order to stay cemented, so if the teeth are too short, then it will continually come off. It is more difficult to request a refund for this reason b/c the dentist likely made the teeth short for a reason (lack of space, for example). If the are short for a reason, your previous dentist would know, and he would be the one to tell you. If you get a second eval, and they say there is no reason the teeth should be this short, then there is a chance you could get a refund, but it would require a detailed narrative from the second dentist. The teeth can be built to be taller, and a new bridge made that will stay better, so there is hope if this is the case. I get a 2nd opinion and present these 2 ideas to them to see if either one fits your situation, then proceed with trying to get the refund if it is appropriate. I hope this helps!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


thank you for being so clear about 1 part of the problem

- my teeth are short because of my 2nd recement, the tooth broke. not sure if they were short to start with..and if they were too short the dentist should know about size...not me.


since i need to find a solution i had to get other opinions but i am not progressing in that area since the causes are not being communicated to me.....they pretend they do not know........all i am getting is get an endodontist and new bridge..sure after 5000.00 i get denial of the past and not better understanding. I am traumatized of what it did to my life...and now with this lack of problem solving it is scaring me even more about the code of ethics and simple honesty..

-i went to see 5 dentists to get a consult so that i can move on in life. and start chewing again.. and i have seen very little signs of knoweldge about why it happened..i am serious...there is only the holistic dentist that vaguely said that it was not well done..but no details offered...most of them say things that are totally unbelievable and offer no cause/solution understanding...they have said the most unbelievable stories.

it is bacteria

your crown is not moving

we don't know why

your crown is well done

- i cannot find an honest dentist for now..and finding this overwhelming..because i cannot work with lies especially when it concerns my mouth and 10.000 more


also this bad bridge damaged 2 good teeth

also this bad bridge caused other problems perhaps directly and teeth underneath seem to have some infection...

i had an infection right after the recement. i am unsure as to whether i have an infection/lesion now or whatever it is...there

why did this problem cause that to my roots?

and why did i have an infection after my last 2nd recement which lasted only 2 weeks.

i am just trying to put the peices together but now

i have 2 bad teeth

probably root canal issues

many more expenses

where can i get a 2nd opinion

where can i finally find some correlation in the answers/solutions/causes that i am getting

and can an American dentist give me a second opinion..because honestly i cannot allow such mistreatment of a human being in the 2010 when all information and answers are available

i hope that you understand that this is now a much bigger problem affecting me deeply in ways that you cannot imagine...just like pre mature aging.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
lt;p>i guess what i missed and probably is the most important...</p><p> </p><p>it is the context that the bridge was done...</p><p> </p><p>THERE WAS NO PROBLEM IN MY MOUTH IN TERMS OF PAIN BUT</p><p>the hygienist was  harping that my teeth will die</p><p> </p><p>and we said ok let us improve my teeth</p><p> </p><p>and hell broke loose with dr wein</p><p> </p><p>he never knew what to do and what was really important...i had asked what is important and why should this dental work be done...... but he never knew anything/communicated  intelligent about that</p><p> </p><p>so in his infinite wisdom he said let us do the bridge.first .it was on barter so i said heh no more hole there..but again i had no issue no pain in that area</p><p> </p><p>the context is this...</p><p> </p><p>dr wein kept saying that my mouth was mess but never really was practical about what is the best way to handle this chaos in my mouth and I JUST WANTED TO PRIORTIZE AND DO SOMETHING OF VALUE IN MY MOUTH BUT HE DID WASTEFUL DENTISTRY PUTING ME AT RISK ON GOOD TEETH RATHER THAN FIX BAD TEETH. </p><p> </p><p>is there a code of ethics on how to priortize and do practical/value added dentistry?</p><p> </p><p>After the fact that was not intelligent dentistry-- to do a bridge instead of handing unhealthy teeth ...</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>now are things clearer...that there is something very wrong with this picture and lack of professionalism</p><p> </p><p>yes there are emotions but i am not dead yet</p><p> </p>
I completely understand the emotions the has caused you. The mouth is a very personal part of your body, and when someone 'messes' around with your mouth, it can affect your livelihood, self confidence, and outlook on life. I am sorry you weren't better informed of your options. This is rule #1 for any dentist - to give all options on the table. All dentists have an oath (at least here in the US), and were are to act out of benevolence toward our patients. In your situation, if you were missing a tooth, your options should have been a dental implant, bridge, partial denture, or no treatment at all. It doesn't sound like you were given these options, unfortunately. Now that you have the bridge, I suggest you stick with this option and have another dentist rebuild your teeth to be taller so that the bridge will stay on. I honestly feel like this is the main reason it is not staying on. It is a basic principle of retention, and if your teeth are too short, a bridge will not maintain retention. As far as why your teeth are infected now, this is likely due to the trauma induced to your teeth during the bridge preparation. If your teeth are very short, this means that they were ground down quite a bit, and this is not good for your teeth at all. It will cause the nerves to die, and end up becoming infected. Keep in mind that this doesn't always happen right away, but sometimes will be a 'slow death' of the teeth and can take years to happen. But the initial trauma from the preparation for the bridge is what started the whole thing. It just so-happened that you were told they needed root canals after the 2nd recementation, but in all likelihood the damage had already been done when they were first prepped. I hate to tell you this b/c I don't want to upset you more than you already are, but I feel like you need some HONEST answers. Don't lose hope b/c the teeth can be repaired and the bridge can be made to stay on permanently - you just have to find a competent dentist. I suggest you ask your friends who they trust, or go online and look up reviews on dentists around where you live. If you don't feel like there are ANY you can trust, then consider make a trip to the States. I really hope I have shed some light into your situation and helped you out. If so, kindly accept my answer so I know I have done my job. Thanks.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

yes thank you for simplifying my life a little more

if you do not mind, i am willing to pay more but i need a 2nd opinion on my "infection" and if i really need a root canal because of infection or because simply because there is not much left to hold under a bridge.

and if you do not mind can you clairfy based on my xrays that i can send you

1- that the bridge was badly done or or badly taken care of

with the dr wein since i was never able to really eat with it anyways nor did he do any fups on it after the bridge

2-that the teeth underneath have infection or lesion or bad things that might cause more problems? Would i need a root canal

3- that implant is or is not the right choice because of bone or logistically a greater nightmare?

4- given i have seriously changed my lifestyle i will take xrays again and check if i still have that threatening bomb under the bridge?

5- how could this negative factor of prepping be avoided? i mean how do you weigh the pros and cons and avoid damaging 2 teeth?

i think that after that i will be hopeful of what i need to do and with a greater comfort...and you will be blessed.

tell me how you wish to do this...since we have started anyways..

i have some of the xrays before and after the recement and also another after the recement and all were done in the last 2 months.

i am willing to life has changes in ways that this dentist will eventually have to find out whether in this life time or next lifetime..

hurting myself is one thing but some one else hurting me uselessly is not justfied.

thank you and god bless


at this point of my life i am willing to do what ever it takes and go to another country because of the corrupt state of standing for each other rather then the welfare of the client.

If you can send me the x-rays via JustAnswer, I will do my best to answer your questions...
Customer: replied 6 years ago.


i do not know how this works..if i accept then there is no way that i can continue on what we started? is that correct?

as you know i cannot send on this site do you want to see the xrays and deepen my understanding so that i can make a smart/informed and confident choice?

then i can send you the xrays links or site?

if you think that i should pay you more to do step 2 then i will trust that i should...

so i will email ms chase to know what to do here.



If you accept, I can and will still help you, it doesn't just end. I would still like to see x-rays, if possible, if by link, or on a site. It is up to you if you want to pay more, but it would be much appreciated since this is quite a bit more in depth than a typical question and answer session. Thank you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

well i understand but i got the unlimitted monthly

so not sure how this will treat you?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

well i understand but i got the unlimitted monthly

so not sure how this will treat you?

also was wondering if i can get more light on this that will hold my future decision by just looking at xrays?

for example can you see that the bridge is loose?

or can you see if the teeth are loose?

and the last dentist does not have digital - how do i give that to you?

You will have to consult with JustAnswer on the technical questions, but yes, there is a chance I can see if your bridge is loose on the x-ray, and I can possibly tell if the teeth are loose as well (based on bone levels). I do think the x-ray could be helpful. If they didn't have digital, then the x-ray may be able to be scanned into the computer. Ask your dentist about this.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

i have the xrays from 2 other dentists

one after the recent recement and also before the recement.from dr l

dr h also did xrays..

but some may be clearer than others.

i will have to find a link for you

OK. Thanks
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

so i need to know how to avoided this devastating bad bridge

and please what the warning signs that it is a risk and if it could have been avoided with maintenance

of if there were alreay sign posts that should have alerted any caring dentist not to choose to do a bridge

also what happens when you chip a way at dentine/good teeth ...explain to me please the process of teeth becoming vulnerable

how do i know for sure if it is a cavity, infection or whatever under there/bridge

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

i am a little new at this...just check it out

there is one pic before the bridge got recemented 6 weeks ago

and there is another pic after it got recemented

so let me know please thanks alot

i have send an email to ask the technical questions concening you

The bridge itself looks good from the x ray. I'm looking at the margins where it meets the tooth, and everything seems sealed well. The back tooth does look rather short to hold the bridge, which may be why it keeps coming off. The way to improve the length of this tooth is to build it up (if there is space), or to extend the bridge down further over the tooth (requires a procedure called crown lengthening, normally done by a periodontist). I think that would solve the problem of the bridge staying on. However, there does appear to be abcesses around both teeth. Without a pre-operative x-ray I cannot tell you if they existed prior to the bridge being done, or if they are a result of the bridge being done. Either way, its 'water under the bridge' (no pun intended) and these teeth need to be root canaled both to resolve the infection. I recommend that the teeth be lengthened, then root canaled, then a new bridge made. This is your best course of treatment. After that, you should have a good bridge. Just keep it clean around the edges, and underneath, and you can avoid future problems with this bridge. The nerve of the tooth is damaged when the tooth is drilled in too deeply. The nerve will become inflamed, and then abcess if this is the case. But like I said, I don't know if this is what happened with your teeth b/c I dont' have a pre-op x-ray to see if they were infected before the bridge prep work. Although I can tell you that the picture of your tooth prior to the recementation, it does show minimal sign of infection, and post cementation shows greater signs of infection. In other words, this just means it appears an infection was present before the recementation, and now it's getting worse (not necessarily due to it being recemented. Infections just progress with time) Great pictures though, thanks - that helped a lot!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

hello thank you so much may you be blessed...and i would like send you a gift when i calm down this week. not sure if you have a web site.

do you mind i will get the old pre operative files from dr wein and call tomorrow.

can you help me there...

i am surprised that you are saying sealed when the bridge comes off

can things get worse under the bridge if it is loose?

also may i ask may be that the absess started after the sculpting of my teeth or before the teeth were sculpted or while the teeth had a bad bridge..

but you think it happened during the sculpting...right?

so just checkin in with you to know if he did everything possible to avoid this 10 000 problem which is causing a devastating trauma to my psyche.

and what do you mean by there infection and at the root tip or where please?

and why did it happen you think? since it was under bridge?

and can you tell if the teeth were grinded too much...probably from the initial xray pre op, i suppose?

If the bridge is loose, bacteria will get underneath it and cause decay or infection. I can't tell you when the infection started unless I see the pre-operative x-rays. Abcess means infection, and yes it is located at the root tip, like almost all abcesses are. The infection is inside the tooth and spills out at the root tip. The cause of the abcess is from trauma from the bridge prep OR bacteria that was either in the teeth before the prep (I need to see the pre-op x-rays for this). I can tell from the pre-op x-ray how much the teeth were ground down, yes.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

i will reread your notes because i am not a dentist but i have been reading about teeth since 10000 and aging are powerful motivators..

does the fact that he prepped out the enamal and now the tooth is more subject to invasive bacteria ? how do you judge this risk when you do a bridge?

also i found 2 other elements that show non caring dental work

dr w refused to give me a mouth guard when i needed one

dr w should have taken care of the mess in the mouth he put it..i had no pain and discomfort in general but i had caps and root canals to do beside this esthetic no good bridge?

i think that i will accept your answer and start over again with my xrays ok? i just do not want to loose these notes.

As long as the teeth are covered and sealed with the bridge, they should not be at a higher risk of bacterial invasion. I am sorry you didn't get a nightguard, if you have a grinding or clenching habit, this is a necessity. I appreciate the 'accept' and we shouldn't lose our notes, since this is all in our forum.
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