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How does it take for pain to go away after a crown root

Resolved Question:

how long does it take for pain to go away after a crown root extension? The initial procedure was done at the end of July but it took a while to heal. Since I got the permanant crown, the bite has been adjusted numerous times but I still have pain from pressure (I made myself chew sugarless gum to test this) and my gums are constantly sore and hurting. (Plus they don't seems to come down between the teeth the way they did before.) Top top it off, it's ultra-sensitive to cold temps. The permanant crown (and a filling on the adjacent tooth) were done about a month ago, but they just found a hunk of cement between the teeth causing irritation to the gums and removed it about a week ago. The cavities in the crowned tooth and the adjacent wisdom tooth were both dangerously close to the nerve when they were filled. Also, my jaw sometimes hurts. My dentist is great and keeps checking it and adjusting the bite and I keep allowing more time for everything to heal. ALso, sometimes it doesn't hurt at all but other times it's just awful....
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Cliff replied 6 years ago.
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Dr. Cliff :

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Dr. Cliff :

Sorry to hear you are having such a problem. It sounds like you have given this enough time to see if it is going to calm down. It may be time to think about getting that root canal to end your problems. The nerve in the tooth may be dying. The deeper a filling is placed, the more of a chance the nerve is affected. The nerve may have already been dying before the filling and crown was placed. Now that the tooth is fixed, the tooth may be reacting to the filling. The way it sounds this is not going away soon. You should not have to be in pain for 3 months seeing if it is going to work. Evidently if you are still getting those sharp shooting pains today it is time for the root canal. Best of Luck! Dr. Cliff

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