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Jasleen Bagga
Jasleen Bagga, Dentist
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I have a loose wisdom tooth at the age of 52 can it be

Resolved Question:

i have a loose wisdom tooth at the age of 52 can it be saved? i think it is due to gum shrinkage
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Jasleen Bagga replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for using ' Just Answer ' and i would be glad to assist you.

All teeth have slight degree of physiologic mobility which varies for different teeth at different times of day. It is greatest at arising in the morning and then progressively decreases. Mobility could be divided into 3 grades :-

Grade I - Slightly more than normal
Grade II - Moderately more than normal
Grade III - Severe mobility

Mobility beyond the physiologic range is abnormal or pathogenic. There could be many causes associated with mobility. The main causes are periodontal disease which results in loss of tooth support( Note - Diabetic patient and chronic smokers are more prone to periodontal disease ) or trauma from occlusal ( injury produced by abnormal occlusal habits like bruxism or clenching of teeth ).Tooth mobility is also increased in pregnancy and some times associated with menstrual cycle or use of contraceptives which cause physico chemical changes in periodontal tissue.

Clinical examination of the tooth and radiographic evidence is an important part of diagnostic procedure.It is only after the correct diagnosis, that the exact treatment protocol could be established.

In case, the tooth has severe mobility, extraction is indicated.For mild to moderate mobility, supra gingival and deep scaling are usually indicated.

For the time being, you could go for warm saline rinses few times in a day. Keep optimum oral hygiene.

I would advise you to visit your dentist at the earliest for the same.

Any Further Questions, Revert and i would be glad to Answer.

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