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My daughter has had a blister on the inside of her mouth for

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My daughter has had a white blister on the inside of her mouth for 2 days. This morning she woke up complaining of pain in her mouth where I noticed a bright blue area on the inside of her cheek. The blue area did not come off with brushing and appears to be raw (dry and cracking). Could this possibly be a stain to her cheek from something or should I have a doctor look at it. I have a picture to attach if needed.

Hi: As long as she has no other complaints and is otherwise in good health, it sounds like she bit her cheek. It's common in youngsters as more teeth erupt, possibly her baby molars at her age. It's also common for younsters to grind their teeth or clench. Often a bit of cheek will get in between their teeth and cause a hemotoma - blue, raised area and may have a cloudy-white covering. Many times there is no complaint until the next day as it may swell overnight and then feels sore.

The "white" area is probably some tissue beginning to slough off, to deteriorate and it's not a problem.

Meanwhile, just keep an eye on her for a few days. Notice any clenching or grinding of her teeth. If either the "white" area or the "blue" area persist after another 3/4 days, then by all means she should be seen by her dentist.

If it's sore and painful, you can apply some "Orajel" with a Q-tip and it'll give her temporary relief.

I hope I've been helpful, and thank you.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Do you mind taking a look at the is really blue. Here is the image:

Please click here

Thank you,


I'm very sorry, I'm unable to open your picture attachment - your link takes me to "Word Pad".....can you send it in another format?

Otherwise, being "really blue" is normal in appearance. As any minor bleeding occurs under the surface of the tissue, it coagulates and turns blue......just how bright depends on how thick the tissue covering might be.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I think you reassured me enough that I shouldnt worry. The blue is like a royal blue. I did make an appointment with her doctor just to be on the safe side since she is only 3 and cannot really describe any pain...she just says it hurts. Thank you for taking the time to assist me. I appreciate it!!!