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I have a small hole in the roof of my mouth, about 1cm from

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I have a small hole in the roof of my mouth, about 1cm from my front teeth. I can suck air through it. I have chronic sinus problems and was wondering if the hole (building up air) is the cause of my sinus problems.
Thanks for using JustAnswer. Absolutely, if you have an opening in the roof of your mouths described, this could definitely be your problem. Your sinus cavity is exposed to the dirtiest part of your body. Bacteria from your mouth is transmitted directly to your sinus. I would suggest going to an oral surgeon or periodontist to seek treatment to close the hole. Once you get that done, you would be surprised how fast your problem will go away. Best of luck. Dr. Cliff
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you so much for the information. I was just wondering, the hole is so small that you almost can't see it with the naked eye,is this hole connected in some way to my sinuses? If so, then this means I'm sucking air out of my sinuses and that's why my nose (sinuses) is always blocked? I'm using nasal spray on a daily basis to unblock my nose, as this is the only thing that helps.
Thank you so much Dr. Cliff
Absolutely, this could be a lot of your problem. Basically the roof of your mouth is the floor of your sinus. There is direct communication now that you have the hole in the roof of your mouth. You can probably taste the nasal spray also when you use it. A simple procedure can be done to close the opening. This will definitely help with your sinus situation. Dr. Cliff
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