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My tongue started hurting in the back of my throat a week ago.

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My tongue started hurting in the back of my throat a week ago. I thought it was strained after over using it to pick a stuck piece of popcorn out of my mouth, but it's only gotten worse instead of better. It hurts when i swallow or when i'm trying to manage a moderate amount of food in my mouth while chewing. My teeth do not hurt and it doesn't actually hurt to chew. Just the swallowing. It's not like a sore throat swallow, but more like the muscle in my tongue is sore. Any clues or suggestions? My ear has started hurting today from this pain and it wasn't hurting the previous days.

Hi: I'll assume your tongue is swollen, accounting for the difficulty when swallowing. If so, you need to determine what caused the swelling. Is there a popcorn kernel stuck in the tissue? Did you abraid the area when clearing out the other kernel?

If you don't feel that there's any swelling and the tongue just feels sore, like an overworked muscle, then you may very well be correct, and muscle strains take time to recover. I'd like to say don't swallow for a week, lol, but the point is the same as treating a sore

If the area of soreness is far back in the throat area, I wouldn't be too concerned with it being related to your ear. However, due to not knowing just where the soreness is, if the ear pain gets worse over the next few days, you may have an infection and need to see your doctor for some antibiotics.

Regarding the soreness, Advil, the green gel caps work best, ***** ***** capsules, every 4-6 hours and this will help with the inflammation and if nothing else is implicated, should help with the inflammation.......give it a week.

I hope I've been helpful, and thank you.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My tongue doesn't feel swollen, although I can't very well see down the back of my throat. I can say that if i touch underneath my tongue in the back where it starts to go into my throat, my whole jaw and ear can feel it. I'll try some Advil today. I'll have to buy some since I never use it. I'll give it another week and if nothing improves, I'll go to a doctor. Should I see a dentist or a GP?

The ear doesn't hurt today, but it's still early. I'm thinking that over the course of the day, it just gets worse. I was wondering whether something was stuck in my tongue, too, but I can't see that far back. It doesn't feel like it, though.

Hi: If something was stuck in your tongue at the back, you should have a "scratchy" feeling when you swallow, or at least feel that your tongue is in the way, feeling thick and cumbersome. But you said it doesn't feel swollen.

I think your approach is prudent. And if it doesn't feel nearly 100% by the end of the week, I'd start with an oral surgeon, let him take a peek, especially with the discomfort being under your tongue and radiating to your throat and jaw. It could be a salivary gland blocked/plugged causing the problem.

So give it a few days, good luck and thanks.

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