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Jasleen Bagga
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What is cause of slimy saliva? How is it treated?

Customer Question

What is cause of slimy saliva? How is it treated?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Jasleen Bagga replied 7 years ago.


Thanks for using ' Just Answer ' and i would be glad to assist you.

Saliva plays an important in maintenance of the oral health. Reduced amount and increase content of mucous could cause ' slimy saliva ' which could lead to problem such as caries, oral infection, speechless function, decrease intake of food leading to nutritional deficiency, difficulty in chewing, swallowing and wearing of dentures.The most common cause is xerostomia / dry mouth which is a manifestation of salivary gland dysfunction. There are many drugs that have been shown to result in change in the volume and quality of saliva which includes anticholinergics, antidepressants ( particular tricyclic antidepressants ), antihypertensives and antihistamines.When the offending drug is withdrawn, the function often returns to normal.

The therapy involves 3 main categories which includes symtomatic treatment, local and topical treatment, systemic treatment.Symptomatic treatment involves use of oral rinse, gels, certain changes in life style such as constant sipping of water, prevention of certain products such as alcohol, strong flavors etc which may irritate mucosa.Local and topical involves approaches which could stimulate the increased flow of serous saliva such as chewing gums ( sugar free ).Now, a days electrical stimulation has also been introduced.Systemic stimulation involves use of systemic secreto gogues for salivary stimulation.

I would suggest you to consult an oral pathologist for exact diagnosis as your case requires proper oral examination, certain radiographic evidences and few laboratory tests.

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