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The tip of tongue is red. why? i have not been sexually

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the tip of tongue is red. why? i have not been sexually active for 4 years or kissed anyone. i am a vegeterian. i have been taking b-complex twin labs b-50s for 1 1/2 week, thinking this mght be a vit b difficiency. my doctor told me it is a difficiency but does not know what difficiency is causing this. i exercise excellent oral hygien, using lystroine daily. what could this be and what can i do to help myself. i am 53 years of age, female, post menapausal for 3 years. recently iwas diagnose with hypothyroidism, tsh 5.8. would this cause this problem?
Hello and thanks for using I would like to help with your question but need a little more information from you...Does the spot on your tongue hurt? How big is the red spot? Is it completely round or is it diffused without defined borders? How long has the red spot been on your tongue? Please help me understand this a little more? Do you have any other significant medical problems? Thanks Dr. Cliff
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you, ***** ***** the tip of my tongue that is red resembles an arch on one side and a right angel on the other side, sort of like a half moon, angular on one side. it's texture is rough and somewhat irritated, although it does not bother me all of the time. at first i thought it was an allergy to my toothpaste and i changed to an all natural brand and that did not help. i also changed my toothbrush. it has definate boarders on one side,however, the other side is a bit diffiused, just a bit. the side with definate boaders is the angular side. the red tip has been present about 1 1/2 -2 weeks. at the same time, i got very fatigued, and weak and that is when the doctor did a blood test which indicated hypothyroid. it all happened at once. i took the thyroid medicine and had an allergic reaction to it, and i am not taking anything now. my next dr appt is in 1 week. trying to help myself, i saw on the internet that this type of tongue condition can be a vitamin difficiency, so i started taking b-complex. i wonder if the difficiency is really what is going on with the thyroid. that is,maybe it is all just a difficiency? the red tip is 1 1/4 " wide, covering the tip and 1/2" deep, from tip to rear of tongue. it does not hurt, but it is somewhat irritated. the sides of my tongue have some cracks as though they have been cut or sliced. these cracks are just on the front and they are not really soar. when it first happened, sweet things bothered me, so i cut out sweets. i do have fibromalagia and chronic fatigue syndrome. it seemed under control, however, this winter i had a lot of stress, and i did not take vitamins or pay careful attention to nutrition. i hope this is enough iformation. thank you.
Thanks for the reply...I will have to do some research to look this one up...Is there anyway that you could take a picture of your tongue? Then attach it to your reply so I could actually see the spot you are talking about. There are hundreds of red spots associated with the tongue..Some are normal and some are not. This would help me tremendously. If not I will do a little research and get back with you. Dr. Cliff
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hello dr. cliff, i just took a photos of my tongue and tried to attach it to this message. the size of the photo was too large. if there is a way to allow for a larger file, i could send you a photo. i think it would be helpful for you to see a picture. is there a way to allow for a larger file attachment? thank you.
Sorry can't help you with photo sizing...only thing would maybe change the setting on your camera to maybe 1 megapixel and try to resend...Dr. Cliff
Just to let you know I am having to walk away for a bit...will keep you in mind. I am leaving your question open to other experts. If one of them don't respond, I will be checking on this for you. Don't want you to think no one is helping you. Be in touch soon...Dr. Cliff
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Got your image...gonna opt out of question so other experts can view your picture..I don't know right off hand what this is, but will continue to research it. I will monitor other expert comments......between all of us....we can come up with an answer for you.....Dr. Cliff
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you for your consideration. i hope to be hearing from you soon regarding your opinion.
I am still looking at pictures in my books of oral conditions...The only thing I have found so far is information from a chinese proverb....Red spots on the tip of the tongue is or could be related to illnesses that are starting in the heart or lungs....not to alarm you...I will follow up tomorrow with this...I will send the picture to my oral surgeon to see what he thinks....have a good nite...Chat soon ...Dr. Cliff
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hi dr. cliff, yes, my togue looks like a text book example of the chinese medical philosophy; the only problem is that i do not undersand this philosophy or how to respond to it to treat the problem. i do think we are on the right track as the photo of my tongue agrees with chinese medicine regarding this. i look foward to hearing from you to learn what you discover. thank you. is what I have come up with. I sent the picture to 2 different oral surgeons for review. They both looked at your medical history and both agree. This could be a condition called ATROPHIC GLOSSITIS and this is why. #1 ..tongue appears to have atrophic papilla present around the red spot. #2...Common condition with your medical history(hypothyroidism). #3 Common with hypothyroidism and vitamin deficient patients. #4 Common in patients with fad diets...(vegetarian). So our suggestions would be to get your Hypothyroidism under control first. Once under control, get your vitamin levels under control. Usually vitamin B12 injections from your physician is necessary. This should help get the red lesion to diminish and disappear. If not, then a biopsy would be necessary in order to rule out a developing tumor. Thanks for your patience. Best of Luck! Dr. Cliff
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