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I have 6mm pocket and bone loss on #30. Dentist is

Resolved Question:

I have 6mm pocket and bone loss on #30. Dentist is recommending extraction and implant. Looking very expensive. My other teeth have 1-4 mm pockets and this is the only one with a serious problem. Wisdom teeth are gone. Question is, do I really have to have the implant? Cosmetically it's far back enough that it won't be too bad. What are the pros and cons of having the implant? I'm more concerned about the bacteria in the pocket causing more serious health issues and would love to just get rid of the tooth.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  bpkdds replied 7 years ago.
You will not be able to clean a 6mm pocket on your own. Treatment options for the periodontal defect could range from seeing a periodontist for treatment of the pocketing (if possible) to removal of the tooth. Do you need an implant? Not necessarily. Implants are one treatment option for restoring the dentition (an expensive way). Other options may include, going without a restoration, bridge (if possible), or partial (if possible). From what you have presented the concerns I would have with an implant would be the reason for the periodontal pocketing. Periodontal problems could be a contraindication to implant placement.
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