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I have a red spot on the roof of my mouth. Located on the

Customer Question

I have a red spot on the roof of my mouth. Located on the right side of the pallet. If I have a infected tooth on the bottom right, can the abcess form on the roof of the mouth?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. AL replied 7 years ago.

Hi: No, individual 'bad' teeth will not cause an abscess in an area away from the tooth or its surrounding tissues except in the case of a serious infection that is spreading to the tissues around that particular tooth.

So for a lower right 'bad' tooth to infect the palate, nope.

My bigger concern would be the red spot on your palate. How long has is been there? Have you noticed any change in size, color or texture? Is it better, or less in size than it was two days ago? Did you notice any tissue sloughing or peeling from the surface of the lesion recently?

Most likely, it's a burn, the most common cause is hot cheese that sticks, such as when you take a bite of hot pizza, or soup that's just too hot. Or, you may have abraded it from a habit, such as holding a pencil in your mouth. These usually heal within a week.

However, if it persists for more than a week or it's getting worse with time, you should absolutely have your dentist evaluate it.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

No size change, or color. Not large and have noticed it there before. Semm's to be going away now. I tend to get it when I am stressed. Now the other day I had a few pizza bites. Yes they were hot. But this spot is like back behind the last molar on top. So it is not like on the roof of the mouth itself. To speak truthfully...if you were to look at the area? You would ask..where? I know it is there because I can feel it with my tongue. I was thinking maybe from chewing on the upper bone behind the last molar. I am just curious. You'd think with me being in nursing school I would be able to answer it huh? (laughing)


Expert:  Dr. AL replied 7 years ago.

Hi Sheri:

LOL, the woes of being educated!

I would still consider some form of trauma, especially due to your hot pizza the other day. Again, if it doesn't resolve in a week or less, it's something more.

Stress compromises the immune system. That's when herpes, a 'cold sore', but usually on the lips, corners of the mouth or in more severe cases, on the 'gum' tissue. But in your case, it's possible when considering your correlation to stress. Even so, a herpetic lesion will heal within 10 -14 days from its onset. Others may erupt if your stress continues.

I hope I've been helpful. By the way, no one can 'chew' on their "upper bone behind the last molar"..........I'm wondering what you meant.