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I have a slightly loose adult back tooth, I should mention

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Hi I have a slightly loose adult back tooth, I should mention that a while ago while eating something quite soft, a quarter of it chipped off, not exactly a healthy tooth, it's the second tooth down from my (not quite up yet) wisdom tooth, for a while it's sometimes been painful when i close my mouth and my top teeth press down on it, but not that often. Today it has just got worse, the tooth is really painful now, and sometimes when i swallow, my tongue puts pressure on it and that makes it even more painful, quite excruciating actually. I know the obvious thing is to see a dentist, which is quite hard in my condition (non tooth related) but any info on what this actually is would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.
What it sounds like, you got a bad tooth. It sounds like its been bad for a while. The concern is that the tooth will become infected (it may already be there). If the tooth is breaking up and you are in pain, go into the dentist and take care of business. If it possible for the dentist to save the tooth, treatment may involve a filling and/or root canal or removal of the tooth. I am not sure what your "condition" is but if you have a tooth with a problem that needs to be addressed, address the problem before it gets worse. Explain your "condition" to the dental office when you are making the appointment to see if they can accommodate you. Good Luck.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks very much, I won't go into my condition but it can't get any better with this aswell, especially if and when it gets worse.
Good Luck.