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What could cause throbbing pain in all my teeth?

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I have throbbing pain in all my teeth. They are sensitive to hot and cold. I had a complete dental exam two days ago with full mouth x-rays. I was told I have two small cavities on the biting surface of my bottom rear molars. I was also told I have gingivitis and need debridement and cleanings every four months. I also have recession of my gums on the lower front teeth and she thinks I might be clenching and grinding at night. I came home started looking on the internet and have been getting more and more nervous because nowhere does it say that the pain I am having can be caused by gingivitis or night clenching. I keep finding irreversible pulpits, my question is is it possible to have this in all my teeth and could she have missed this truly awful sounding condition?

Hello -- the internet can be a horrible place to gather information. I have been guilty of it myself. Pulpitis is usually a condition that is associated with a single tooth. It occurs when you have a deep cavity or a deep filling. The nerve in the tooth gets inflamed and the tooth becomes hypersensitive. What your dentist is telling you is most likely the right answer. Gingivitis and clenching are more likely to cause the generalized discomfort you are having. I will warn you however that the cleaning may make the hot and cold sensitivity worse at first. You may want to start rinsing with ACT mouthwash and brushing with Sensodyne toothpaste for a while before the cleaning. These products will reduce the sensitivity greatly both before and after the cleaning. Once you have had the cleaning and you continue with the desensitizing effects of the ACT mouthwash and Sensodyne toothpaste, your teeth should begin to feel a lot better and the throbbing should go away. Ask your dentist if they recommend any other toothpaste to desensitize your teeth. There are many different products available, some of which you can only get from the dentist. Good luck. Let me know if I can clarify anything for you.

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