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my temporary crown has fell off, is there anything I can buy

Resolved Question:

my temporary crown has fell off, is there anything I can buy over the counter to put it back on?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Winterholler replied 7 years ago.
Before you try an over the counter product, try putting some vaseline or toothpaste into the crown and placing it back on the tooth. Try to keep the tooth a little bit dry when doing this. Products vary depending on where you live, but Walmart always has some kind of temp filling materials. If you do buy something somewhere like Walmart, clean out the crown and place the crown back on your tooth with the temp cement while the tooth is as dry as possible. Look for Dentemp at Walmart. If you cant find that specific brand there should be another brand of Temp filling material. I suggest trying the crown on a few times to make sure you know how to get in on there properly so you dont end up with an improper bite. Schedule with your dentist asap to have them inspect the temp and the prepared tooth. Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you.
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