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I am having a permanent crown put on my front tooth (#8).

Resolved Question:

I am having a permanent crown put on my front tooth (#8). Before the crown was made, the prosthodontist told me that he might to need to make adjustment to my lower teeth -- meaning grinding down my lower teeth. I protested and said that is a short-cut solution to a crown not well made.

After adjusting my temporary crown (from another dentist) as a result of gum lengthening(?), he said after working on my tooth he thinks the permanent crown can be done without grinding my lower teeth -- he know he has a good lab tech.

Now after the crown is made, in order to make the bite fit, he has ground down the tip of my permanent crown more than usual. He admits that it is thinner than usual. But he now maintains that there is nothing wrong with the crown. He said that I have a difficult bite; and he will not agree to making a new crown.   The permanent crown is currently on temporary cement. Can the crown be made "properly" without grinding the lower teeth?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Girish replied 8 years ago.

thanks for posting your question on Just Answer.
The answer to your question is NO "can the crown be be made without grinding lower teeth"

I agree that some times the lower teeth have to adjusted to make an upper crown,

the inter occlusal clearance (clearance between upper and lower teeth) may not be enough in some cases.

the porcelain has to have a certain amount of thickness, in order to be sustain the biting forces,

The reduction he is talking about in the lower teeth is a fraction of a millimeter or less, he is not going to grind your lower teeth down.

I have had to resort to that method in many cases over that last 19 years as dentist.

Most often the reduction of the lower teeh is not even seen by the naked eye.

Best Wishes

Dr Girish
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
He said he needs to grind down a total of 1mm; and he can split the difference between the crown and lower teeth. 0.5mm seems to be quite a bit on the lower teeth. Will that make my lower teeth more sensitive?
Expert:  Dr. Girish replied 8 years ago.
HI again, 0.5 mm is not a lot
He will apply a densensitizer, with flouride to your lower teeth,
most often I used bonding agents
I am sure he has those,

he may use prime and bond NT, L POP , seal and shine or Permaseal to seal your lower teeth so they do not get sensitvity

Best Wishes

Dr Girish
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