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Dr. Girish
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I just had a permanent crown (porcelain) put on my front

Customer Question

I just had a permanent crown (porcelain) put on my front tooth. My dentist said he had to use temporary cement because he had a bad patch of permanent cement and it won't setup. He said he would order more and to come in a few days. They called me and said they had the permanent cement in so I went it. He tried getting my crown off and he said if he tries anymore it will break. He said it is a good fit and to leave it in with the temp cement.

The only thing is that I had called his assistant after having the temp cement put in and asked why my stub(part of my old tooth), which is blackish showing through the crown. She states that when the permanent cement is placed in there that the color will not show through as much. She said because the permanent is a lighter color...

I also have been looking on the internet and some dentist are stating that the temporary cement will continue to change color.

WHat do I do it get this permanent crown off to have the permanent cement in its place
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Girish replied 8 years ago.

thanks for posting your question on Just Answer,

I have had a similar situation, with one of my patients,

If the crown does not come out and you are not happy with the black line you can ask your dentist to cut that crown out and take it out.

and make you a new one,

If you have chosen a a porcelain fused to metal crown on a front tooth, black lines will some times show even if the the permanent cement is used

for the front teeth, a new kind of crown called zirconia which another kind of crown with no metal inside

here are two articles for your reading

Best wishes

Dr Girish
Dr. Girish and other Dental Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My crown is all porcelain. no metal. The coloration I was talking about was the temporary cement color. Does the temporary cement change the color of the crown. It looks like I can see that blackish stub through the tooth.
Expert:  Dr. Girish replied 8 years ago.
Temp Cement usually does not change color,
If the seal is good and you are satified with appearance it may be fine.
but if you are going to be upset looking at your tooth every day It is better to get it fixed while you are still under your dentists care.

If you change your mind after 6 months you will have to pay additional charges,
Now you wont have to pay additional charges

Best wishes

Dr Girish
Dr. Girish and other Dental Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It doesn't look that bad. You can see the stub a little through the crown. I have read that the all porcelain (no metal) crowns are a little transparent. So I think this is why I can see that stub throught it. The back of the crown you can see that stub very clearly. But if the permanent cement is lighter and will help cover the stub up that would satisfy me more than what I have now. It is just what the dental assistant told me about the temporary cement being a darker color than the permanent cement. She said that the permanent would cover the blackish stub up better than the temporary cement.

So just to be clear, I wouldn't have to pay for another crown if the dentist was to cut it off and put on a new one with the appropiate permanent cement. I had to wait almost two weeks for the permanent one to come in because they order them from a California company. Couldn't he just order on new one and have it ready when I was to come in so I don't have to have a temporary again?
Expert:  Dr. Girish replied 8 years ago.
thanks for your reply
yes he can order one more from the lab if he has the cast or the model , with him

that , but he hope fully he has preserved the impression

but either ways is suggest you resolve the issue soon so that you are not charged again .

best wishes

Dr girish

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