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My mother has bleeding in her upper palate. She has had this

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My mother has bleeding in her upper palate. She has had this for some time now. it is not constant it comes and goes. She has no pain. Sometines it lasts up to 3 days. There is no smell.
She went to the doctor today and the found a small wound on her palate, right before the soft palate on the right side.
does she wear dentures? does she smoke ?
is there any General Health Condition that you have more info about
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

She wears dentures for a little more than a year now. She doesnt smoke.

There is no bad smell in her bleeding and she has no pain.

She was diagnosed with sclerodermia about 5 years ago but it is a type that does not advance to the organs, just affects her skin. She has some parts of her skin that are dry and rough.

The doctor that saw her today says that she has a small wound in her palate about the same size as one that a pimple would leave. They put some powder to help heal the wound and the bleeding has stopped but we dont know how long this will remain and are worried.

we would also like to know if she should use some kind of special product for her regular oral higene.

Thank you very much for your help, ill be expecting you reply.

Thank you for you response,

the lesions on the palate are rare,
1)it could be an infection
2)it could be trauma from her denture,
3) there could be a piece of tooth or root left behind from her extraction which could be infected

I would advise you to use a mouth wash with hydrogen peroxide,

a combination of listerine or any other mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide works well

the most important thing is to get a diagnosis for that lesion

It may require some x rays, or a swab sent to the lab, or both,

Please feel free ask a follow up question, you do not have to pay every time though

Dr Girish
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I appreciate your response and time.

The doctor that saw here observed something like a blood vessel hanging in the lession. Then it was gone. They wanted to give her a stitch there. Should a laser cauterization work better there? In the case that would return.

Sorry to bother you so much but im really scared for my mom.

I really appreciate your support.

Not a bother at all
if there is a blood vessel, i think a more thorough study is required
stitch is fine.

before they do any cauterization it is important to find out what the lesion is
and the only way to find out is send a specimen to the lab.

please ask the doctor for a diagnosis
and if possible you can request a biopsy and definately get a specialist consultation if required.
lesions on the palate are rare and could have potentially bad consequences

hope this helps

Dr girish

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