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My son has flesh colored bumps on his tongue and he is in a

Resolved Question:

My son has flesh colored bumps on his tongue and he is in a lot of pain from it. Can you please tell me what it could be and is it contagius? Because his twin brother has had it and so have I (mom). It hasn't gone away either... Please help! Mouth wash isn't working..
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr Rao replied 8 years ago.

By what you describe,it looks like your son has got an oral herpes virus infection.

It usually manifests in the form of cold sores.This is a contagious form of infection .However,it resolves in a few days time and rarely causes any medical complications.These are generally seen aound the corner of the mouth and on the lip.

It is also possible that he is having canker sores.These are different from cold sores and are not contagious.

A visit to a pediatric dentist would be advisable.

avoid eating hot and spicy foods.

Use an antibacterial mouthwash ,and maintain a good oral hygiene.

Application of anaesthetic gels would be helpful,

Please let me know if you need anything................
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