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I have had toothache for the last 2 weeks been in so much

Customer Question

hi i have had toothache for the last 2 weeks been in so much pain went to dentist week last thursday gave me antibotices and iburofen for a week went back monday just gone cause over last weekend not slept cant eat or drink anything. i cant really understand the dentist and not sure if she knows what doing she says ihave infection and monday she drilled 2 off my teeth to see the infection or something now i been back today and i am in so much opain gave me 4 antisetic( the num needle ) cause she said this tooth needs to be pulled out dont know why but my face went num put i was crying so much could feel everything never had that pain before today or this pain before its all up my face , and now i cant touch any of my side teeth from today hurt so much . so she could not take the tooth out , said that i have to come back on 13th feb to try again if not will transfer me to hospital , i am in so much pain cant stick anymore   what can i do she put me on metronidazole today done nothing
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Alex replied 8 years ago.
I'm sorry to hear about your situation.

It sounds like you have a severe infection in your teeth. The sign of the infection is the extreme pain, especially at night. The first thing you need is the antibiotic, which she gave you already. Be sure you take that as prescribed. You also sound like you need something stronger than ibuprofen for pain. I recommend you call your dentist and request a prescription for something stronger like Vicodin. This will eliminate the pain and help you sleep at night. Once the infection is under control by the antibiotics, you should be in far less pain and then be able to have the teeth extracted without pain. Sometimes the infection is so great that you feel a lot of pain even after the local anesthetic by the needle. This is what happened to you. Once the infection goes down, then you will not be in as much pain. So stay on the antibiotic as prescribed and request a stronger pain med. Then revisit your dentist in a few days to a week for the extractions. The metronidazole you will want to be on for about a week total. You will not notice instant relief from the metronidazole, it takes 1-2 days to notice a relief, but the pain med will work in a matter of hours.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i was on axicillan but finished on wednesday none nothing so metronidazole what she as put me on are they another type of antibotices i am on 600mg of ibrofen what ever i take does not seem to work she is a horrible lady and said keep taking them pain killers she prescribed me and come back in 2 weeks this will be the third week tomorrow , i cant stop crying never had this and cant touch any of my teeth and cant drink and had tin 2 tin of soups in 5 days cant touch anything hot cold or warm nothing.
Expert:  Dr. Alex replied 8 years ago.
You should consider seeing another dentist that will prescribe you a stronger pain med and remove the teeth sooner than 2 weeks out.