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I have had a full mouth set of veneers done & the objectives

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I have had a full mouth set of veneers done & the objectives I requisted to be incorporated in new veneers, regarding thickness &overall change have not been incorporated, most noticable on upper front 8 teeth. I had top ten teeth done approx. 20 years ago & as I sought to have them redone, my dentist assured me the new veneers would be thinner and different from the crude ones I had installed years ago. The dentist, persuing certification in a full set of veneers from LVI, Las Vegas, asked if I would be his patient at LVI and have my whole mouth done at a price of $20000 (he defined as $100000 for the course fee & $10000 for his fee). As it turns our, the new veneers were made from a model of my old set so no change in thickness & look very similar to old set. What is my recourse? He assured me prior that if I was unhappy w/results he would replace any of them. 2 upper back didnt seed, one is now broken +a neighboring tooth &lower one installed broken. He will replace only these.

Thanks for putting up your question on Just Answer.

Ideally, a dentist should replace/redo his treatment, till a patient is satisfied. While the re-working may be done completely free of cost to the patient, sometimes, the minimal lab charges are taken,to cover the dentist's expenses. But this ethical principle is not strictly followed every time.

Sometimes, the patient's expectations are unrealistic, sometimes there is a communication gap between the dentist and the patient. While at times, the dentist may simply refuse to redo the work.

Your dentist should ideally replace all the veneers,not only because you paid a very large some of money, but because your objectives were not met, you agreed to be is patient at the certification course and since the veneers will significantly affect your smile amongst other things.

Your options now are:

1. Contact the local dental society in your area. The details can be found here:

Tell them in detail about your situation. The local dental society meets once a month for discussing cases like yours. The dentist, being a member, is obliged to attend and agree with the ruling. The decision more often than not goes in favour of the patient.

This recourse will not cost you anything.

2. Talk to the dentist, and drop a hint that you are thinking of legal action. Wait for a couple of days and see if this brings about a change in the dentists' attitude.

3. Talk to a lawyer and have him contact the dentist. Needless to say, this will be the most expensive line of action for you.

Hope this answers your question. Feel free to contact me again for more information.

Good Luck !!!

Dr. Behere.

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