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Dr Rao
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Hello I have a 9 year old with terrible gum pain in the back.

Resolved Question:

Hello I have a 9 year old with terrible gum pain in the back. I felt it back there and it seems like he could be getting a molar. Is this to young?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr Rao replied 8 years ago.

It is quite normal to have pain and discomfort when a new molar is erupting into the mouth.

Application of anaesthetic gels onto the area could be helpful.

Painkillers can be taken to control the pain .

The pain and associated symptoms would reduce once the tooth erupts out into the mouth.

Ice application would also relieve the pain temporarily.

Avoid eating anything hot and spicy.A soft diet would be recommended.

Your son is in the mixed dentition stage and it is the right time to get his new teeth.Please check the following link for more information,

Please let me know if you need anything............
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
So when will the tooth actually come thru the gum. He is in a lot of pain and it is red and swollen in the back of the mouth. Also is it normal for a 9 year old to get new teeth. I thought it was a little later.
Expert:  Dr Rao replied 8 years ago.

The tooth would eventually come out of the gums in a few days time and he should feel better,once it comes out.

The permanent teeth start to erupt at the age of 6 yrs and would continue till the age of 13 yrs.The proper sequence is mentioned and the chart also is present in the link that i have sent in the earlier reply.

childrens motrin can be given for the pain.

If the pain doesnot reduce in a few days time and if the tooth fails to come out,you can visit your dentist or a Pediatric dentist to see if there is any thing that needs to be done.

Hope this helps,Please let me know if you need anything...........
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