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This is my second set of false teeth. Second set made

Customer Question

This is my second set of false teeth. Second set made because the first set caused an allergic like irritation in the back of my pallet . The second set was made of a different material but I still have the same problem. My mouth has been this way for 3 years and I am getting irrited also. I have had every kind of antibiotic and fungus medicine you can think of. I have another appointment tomorrow to see if the last fungus medicine has helped.   What are your thoughts and what do I ask of this dentist.   I have been to 3 other specialists and they all say it is the teeth causing it.   Thanks for your time.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Alex replied 8 years ago.
Although it's not impossible, it is very rare to have a reaction in your mouth like an allergy to dentures. Dentures are made of an inert material (no active ingredients) using a heat cured process. Being allergic to a denture would be like being allergic to a tea cup or a toothbrush.

After you wake in the morning try keeping your dentures out to see if your mouth continues to feel normal. It's also possible that your denture may be the indirect cause of the reaction in your mouth too. For instance, if a part of your denture rubs the inside of your lip exposing the skin, it could cause a reaction with any other substance that makes its way inside your mouth from bacteria to food or even airborne particles that you breathe in constantly. Before blaming the denture you should also rule out other oral products you use such as mouthwashes, denture cleansers, adhesives etc. all of which contain active ingredients.

You can ask your dentist about making a denture with a metal base and porcelain teeth instead of the plastic base and teeth, to see if that would help. Even tho it is rare to be allergic to the plastic, sometimes a metal base and porcelain teeth helps b/c it eliminates the plastic ingredients.

The acrylic resin contained in many dentures is called methyl methacrylate, which can, on rare occasion, cause allergies. If you ask your dentist to make a new denture made of ethyl methacrylate instead, this may solve the problem. This has worked in some patients.

There are plenty of conditions and substances to rule out before even considering the denture as the source of your problem. In the meantime you also might want to consult with your dentist and doctor. The only diffinitive test could be done by an allergist. I hope it doesn't take too long for you to discover a solution.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I will show this to my dentist. Thanks for the advice.
Expert:  Dr. Alex replied 8 years ago.
Good luck