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I have severe tooth decay most of my teeth are broken and I

Resolved Question:

I have severe tooth decay most of my teeth are broken and I feel I lump under gum. I finally found a way to see a dentist and start the the process, what procedure due you think I will have to get. I know it will be extractions but I am nervous about being embarrassed on how my teeth look and scare that it will be something major
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Alex replied 8 years ago.
Are you taking antibiotics?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No I am not taking any
Expert:  Dr. Alex replied 8 years ago.
Do not be afraid of what the dentist will think. You are dealing with a professional who is trained to treat whatever mouth is in front of him, no matter how good or how bad. There is nothing personal when it comes to your teeth, it is strictly professional and he will treat you like he treats everyone else.

If your teeth are decayed to the gumline, then you should expect extractions. These may be done by your dentist, or he may refer you to an oral surgeon to get multiple teeth out. This is common practice. If you have some teeth that can be saved, your dentist will try to save them. It is best to save any teeth that can be saved b/c if you can get by with a partial denture instead of a full denture, you will be better off. A partial denture braces on existing teeth and replaces any you are missing, while a full denture replaces all your teeth and is a bit more difficult to make it stay in your mouth.

Either way, you need to get the hopeless teeth out of your mouth to prevent or stop infection. If you have bumps forming, this is probably a sign of infection and you should be on an antibiotic before getting these teeth extracted. Ask your dentist about this.

In summary, the worst thing you can do is NOT go to the dentist. This would put your overall health at risk to keep infected teeth in your mouth. And DO NOT be embarrassed. Your dentist is a trained professional who has been prepared to treat any and every mouth he sees. He will not cast judgment on you. He just wants you to be confident in your smile, and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.
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