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I recently had a tooth removed because of an abscess that

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I recently had a tooth removed because of an abscess that had gotten bad enough to cause serious celulitis of my face. The healing is not going as I was told. there is still puffy swelling in gums around adjacent teeth, the bone has broken through the skin behind the molar that was affected and won't recede, and there is frequent pain. The pulled tooth has not healed over and it's been a week and a half. To top that off I just had an allergic reaction to the erythromycin type drug I was given and now I am allergic to sulfas, penecillin type antibiotics and this for of erythromycin so I'm not sure what I can take for the infection. I'm not sure about going back to the dentist I saw because they let the abscess get that bad without treating it. Any advice would be helpful. -Nervous in NJ
Good question.

I understand your situation and let me try to answer your questions and hopefully put your mind at ease. Extractions can sometimes be complicated and cause delayed healing. It sounds to me that since you had a severe enough abcess and cellulitis that your healing is going slowly. This, unfortunately, is normal. The more infected the tooth, typically the longer the healing. The bone that you feel breaking thru your skin can by typical of complex extractions as well. These bone fragments are termed 'bone spurs' and will work their way out of the gum tissue, like a splinter. This is part of the healing process. It can be very painful, however, and it is wise to be on pain medication like Vicodin to ease the discomfort. Occasionally you can also produce a dry socket after a complex extraction. This is when you have delayed healing and the bone can be exposed where the tooth was removed. Dry sockets are extremely painful, and the best treatment for dry sockets is to see your dentist to have a 'dressing' placed in the socket. A 'dressing' is gauze coated with eugenol and benzocaine anesthetic. This will ease the pain and promote healing. It is possible that you have a dry socket since it has been a week and a half and you still have severe pain. I would recommend you visit your dentist for a free follow up check to get this dressing.

As far as antibiotics, if you have allergies to sulfas, penicillin, and erythromycin, I would recommend you ask your dentist to prescribe you something else. Most likely, he will give you an antibiotic called clindamycin. This is very good for dental infections when you are allergic to the others. Ask your dentist about clindamycin b/c it is important that you have some antibiotics in your system to help prevent a recurrent infection in your socket area.

If you feel uncomfortable with your dentist, I recommend you ask a around for referrals to another dentist. Find someone you trust, and ask them who they see for dental care. Before doing this, please be sure you resolve this current situation with your current dentist since he is familiar with the situation. Afterwards, you should consider seeing someone else you are more comfortable with.

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Thank you.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** very helpful.-debi
You're welcome, good luck!