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I have developed blisters on my tongue: 1 on each side, on

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I have developed white blisters on my tongue: 1 on each side, on the top tip, underneath the tip of my tongue. They do not look like canker sores. I've had those and they go away in a couple of days. I've had the blisters on the top and bottom since last week, and now the ones on the side have formed. My diet has not changed--such as acidic food. My prescriptions have not changed--only I have added cymbalta for the last 4 days. And I have not burned my mouth with hot food or drink. My lips are drying out no matter how much vaseline I put on them or use a form of a chapstick--if this has anything to do with it.
Good question.

Many times when you get blisters like this on your tongue, they are referred to as Fever Blisters. These are not canker sores, but instead they are derived from a virus, the herpes simplex virus. They are common on the tongue, and develop like you are mentioning. Most people contract this virus as a child, and as they grow older, it can be reactivated b/c it stays within your system. It cannot be eliminated. The virus only gets reactivated by certain factors such as allergies, sun exposure, stress, respiratory illnesses, menstruation, and trauma to the skin.

The herpes simplex virus cannot be eliminated, there are several treatments available.

1. Use zinc cream on the blisters to promote healing.
   2. Keep the blisters clean and dry in order to minimize the risk of further infection b/c if they break, they can spread.
   3. Eat soft food that can be easily swallowed. Avoid eating or drinking acidic food and drinks that would irritate the blisters and sores and aggravate them b/c this could lead to spreading as well.
   4. Don't kiss others b/c it can be spread this way too.
   5. Try to reduce the stress in your life b/c some have said that this can cause them to be reactivated and form.
   6. Avoid chocolates, nuts, seeds, and grains. Instead, eat more dairy products, legumes, fish, meat, and wheat germ.

I hope you recover soon. Remember that this is a self-limiting virus and it resolve on it's own in a matter of 1-2 weeks.

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Thank you.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Is the zinc cream for the mouth in case I get sores there? There isn't anything to put on the blisters on the tongue is there? They are painful, but I take some tylenol from time to time, but especially in the night when my tongue hurts.

You can apply the zinc cream directly to the sores. This will help with the healing and pain relief.
Dr. Alex and other Dental Specialists are ready to help you