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Home remedy for a dry socket

Customer Question

Home remedy for a dry socket
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Alex replied 8 years ago.
Dry sockets mainly occur after a tooth has been pulled. After your tooth is extracted, a socket is left behind and sometimes this empty tooth socket can become dry and painful.
There are many natural ways and home remedies to get rid of dry socket. Read on the following effective and natural home remedies:

    * Squeeze plain water or saline water in the socket area using syringe to flush out all debris and food particles stuck in the area. Accumulation of debris and food particles in the tooth socket increases pain and irritation.
    * Clove is the most effective herb for various diseases. Use diluted clove oil to alleviate pain. You need to dilute this oil because the natural form is very strong and can be stinging.
    * Placing and holding a piece of ice to outside of the jaw near the socket can also help in easing pain and inflammation.
    * Use warm saline water to rinse your mouth. This will help in flushing out debris and food particles from the socket and alleviate pain.
    * You also need to stay hydrated. So, drink plenty of water and fluids. Avoid drinking with straw or other objects that may create suction in the mouth.
    * If you are still not feeling comfortable, visit an oral surgeon or dentist to check whether the pain is due to dry socket or there are other causes.

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