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A Question about LUMINEERS: My lumineer was chipped

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A Question about LUMINEERS: My lumineer was chipped accidentally and my dentist said he could replace it. My question is: will I be able to get a replacement identical to my original lumineer? Does my dentist or the Cerinate Lab keep the mold of my lumineer teeth? (I really like the original Cerinate Design) Second, how will my dentist remove my existing lumineer? In doing so, will my natural tooth underneath the lumineer be shaved accidentally? Please answer. Thanks!!
Very good question.

It depends on when your Lumineers were fabricated. If they were done within the past month, then it is likely that your original Lumineer can be repliated. However, if it has been more than a month, then most likely you will need it remade. Most likely, even if it has to be remade, it will be nearly identical to your original, I would not worry about that.

As far as removal of the remaining portion of your Lumineer, yes your dentist will need to drill it off. He can do this atraumatically, without affecting your tooth underneath, rather easily. Dentists are trained to do this for removal of any crown or veneer. Normally, once the Lumineer starts to be drilled on, it will chip off rather easily with the use of a scaler by the dentist, instead of the drill. Keep in mind that the cement underneath will need removal as well, but it can be polished off without traumitizing your tooth. This is very easy to do as well.

Overall, I would not worry about your situation, other than the fact that you will need to wait for a new crown to be made in the meantime.

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Thank you.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Many thanks for your response, you've made my day, but a few points to clarify:

When you said:" wait for a new crown" at the end, did you mean "Lumineer"? (Crown can also mean "dental crown", which I am NOT doing. I am doing NO-PREP lumineer.)

Second, My lumineers were placed within the last month or so, but I won't replace them until next year because it is the holiday season right now (I don't want to have uneven teeth for Christmas). So do I need to worry about "timing" if I do want to keep the original design?

Last question: I heard that the dental office would keep the mold of my lumineers in case of replacement. Is that true? If so, I probably don't need to worry about timing or whether or not I will get a set of IDENTICAL lumineers. l really like the original lumineer design and don't want them to be different.

But my dentist told me that he would need to first remove the existing lumineers and then make another impression for the lab before placement in a few weeks. But why? My teeth should be the same as few weeks ago before lumineers were placed on me. why would he need to take another impression again? (My GUESS: Perhaps for the side in contact with my original teeth...Perhaps because he has bonded my lumineers on my teeth, there are some "residual materials" that will make the surface of my original teeth slightly different from my original teeth before lumineers were ever placed on them. So to ensure perfect fit, he wants to take another impression to make sure. Is my guess correct?)

The bot***** *****ne: I want to make sure: 1) he can replicate an identical set of lumineers as the original for me 2) my original teeth structure will not be affected.

Please answer. (I have included some bonus for you. Please answer in details. I am very concerned and would like to get every fact straight.)

Please explain. Thanks

When I said wait for a new crown, I meant LUMINEER.

You should really not need to worry about timing. Honestly the LUMINEER labs do an amazing job at matching cosmetics, and I can guarantee if you loved your first one, you will also love your second.

Each office is different, but most will keep original molds in case of replacement. If you office does this, then that is reason enough not to worry about the new set looking different than the original.

And yes, the reason for new impressions is because of the residual materials (cements) that may still be on your teeth once the LUMINEERS are removed. Most likely the dentist will remove all the cement, but to be safe, a new impression is ALWAYS recommended to ensure a perfect fit for the new LUMINEERS.

So yes, you should have NO problem getting your new LUMINEERS to be identical to your originals, and your teeth will not be affected as long as the dentist is careful, which I'm sure he/she will be when removing your LUMINEERS.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Dr. Alex, I forgot to ask for another clarification: You said it was EASY to remove Luminners without damaging the tooth underneath them.

Is that SPECIFIC to LUMINEERS or ALL VENEERS? I just looked around the web and many places say "removing a VENEER is challenging."

My dentist also said it is EASY and would damage my teeth AT ALL (and he is an accredited comestic dentist)

I hope this is true because when I think of drilling, I am freaked out.

Also, does it take long to remove a lumineer?

Have you done lumineers yourself? I really like the result, but it was chipped accidentally. Do you know how the warranty works? Does DEN-MAT really honor their waranty and they will find an excuse to avoid the responsibility? Many thanks

It is easy to remove Lumineers. It is the same process as removing veneers. The dentist will section, or drill, the lumineers off, but will avoid your tooth. Once the lumineers are off, cement will remain, and the dentist will polish it away, much like the cement left on your teeth after having your braces removed (if you ever had braces). The process to remove a lumineer and clean the tooth takes around 10 min per lumineer on average. You do not need to worry about this process. It truly is very elementary to any dentist, let alone a cosmetic dentist!

Den-Mat is a very reliable company and will honor their warranty. It is the responsibility of your dentist to communicate effectively with Den-Mat as far as the reason for replacement of the Lumineer, but as long as he/she does their part, then Den-Mat will honor their end. I would not worry about this at all, you are dealing with a very professional and high-end company in Den-Mat.

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Thank you.
Dr. Alex and other Dental Specialists are ready to help you