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What is the procedure for removing a broken wisdom tooth My

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What is the procedure for removing a broken wisdom tooth? My lower wisdom tooth on my right side grew in at angle and has recently broken. I don't know if it's considered the top or side at this point because of how it grew. Anyway, all I left is a couple of sharp pieces; what will a dentist probably do in this case??? Thanks!

Welcome to JA,

The wisdom tooth will have to be removed surgically.

The gums around the tooth would be reflected after a local anaesthesia has been given.

The surrounding bone would then be cut/reduced so as to facilitate easy removal of the wisdom tooth along with the roots.

The gums would then be placed back into their position and sutured.

The extraction site would then heal all by itself in a few days or weeks time.

Doing a root canal treatment would probably not be possible in this case,since the tooth is coming out at an angle and is already broken down.

Your Xrays would reveal the exact position of this tooth and its roots.The difficulty involved in this extraction can also be determined by your Xrays.

Wisdom teeth extractions are normally performed by Oral surgeons.

In the hands of a good and experienced Oral surgeon,the entire procedure would be performed uneventfully .

You can read more about wisdom teeth extractions here,,,tm6328,00.html

Plesae let me know if you need anything...........
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