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Dr Rao
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I have a canker sore on my lower front gum that will not go

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I have a canker sore on my lower front gum that will not go away. I've had canker sores before and they usually go away in about 2 to 3 weeks, this one has been over a month. It is not getting any worse and it doesn't hurt but it is still there. What could cause this and should I be worried? Is there something I can get at the pharmacy for it? I had blood work done recently and everything came back good so I'm thinking its not something bad regarding my immune system...

Welcome to JA,

It is quite possible that you are having some problem with one or more teeth in that region.

It could also be possibly related to your gums.

How is your oral hygiene status?

When was the last time you were examined by your dentist?

Are any of your front teeth decayed,broken or discoloured?

Have you noticed any discharge[blood or pus] from the sore area?

Do you have normally have bleeding from your gums while brushing?

Has any body complained about bad breath?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I had my teeth cleaned 5 months ago in July. I have no problems with my teeth, I've never had a cavity (believe it or not)Tooth is not discolored. No discharge or pus. Just the white ulcer, red around it. No bleeding from brushing or bad breath.
Thank you for the added information.

I would advice uyou to get this checked by your dentist.

A canker sore that doesnt heal for a month needs to be evaluated to rule out any other pathology.

You can apply ,anesthetic gels onto the sore spot which i am sure you already have used.

Warm salt water mouthwash would be helpful.

Vitamins supplements should be taken.

Visit your dentist to see if there is any pathology that could be causing this.

Since your recent blood tests were normal,it would be better to visit your dentist first and then your physician /doctor later ,if required.

I would be going offline for a couple of hrs .

Please let me know if you need anything and i would be able to help you once i am online again.
Thank you,
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