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Dr. Brent
Dr. Brent, Dentist
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Can repairing a chipped tooth on a bridge with a ...

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Can repairing a chipped tooth on a bridge with a bonding material be described as Labial Veneer process


Great question. If all or most of the porcelain was chipped off the front of your bridge, then it certainly would be considered a Labial Composite Veneer. If the chip or fracture is small, it should be coded at a "bridge repair" or as a 1,2, or 3 surface composite which is usally a much lesser charge. It is important that the veneer is coded as "composite labial veneer" and not "porcelain labial veneer." Labial veneers can be very tricky and require a higher degree of skill and time and, as such, are more expensive. I hope I anwered your question. Please ask if you have more. Thank you, XXXXX

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Reply to Dr. Brent's Post: As your response has given me more of an understanding of this procedure, does NPXM # XXXXX Labial Veneer give me more of a definitive of the procedure


NPXM means "new patient exam"

"labial Veneer" isn't detailed enough. I would call your dentist and ask what type of labial veneer he charged you for. Composite or porcelain?


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