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Dr.Hans, Masters of Dental Surgery
Category: Dental
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Experience:  11 years of clinical experience in diagnosing and treating problems in oral and dental health.
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I swallowed my crown. When should it pass Should I even ...

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I swallowed my crown. When should it pass? Should I even try to retrieve it?

Welcome to just answer

In almost all incidences the crown would pass through in stools without any problem or complications and it will not affect the persons stomach and intestinal tract in anyway.

Though it may take sometimes 2 days or more( a week) for it to pass.

Follow these instructions:

1) Donot induce vomitting ,it can cause you to inhale /aspirate the crown to your lungs.

2) Drink take lot of liquids,until the object has passed your stools.

3) Eating fibrous diet is also recommended.

4) Watch your stools to see if the object has passed, donot use laxative unless told by the doctor.

Drinking plenty of fluids and water with fibers is suppose to help in easy passage.

Also observe for any pain in abdomen. That will suggest a physician visit and may be an x-ray of the abdomen.



I hope this answers your query. Feel free to contact me if you have any doubts and we can discuss it.



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