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Dr.Hans, Masters of Dental Surgery
Category: Dental
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Experience:  11 years of clinical experience in diagnosing and treating problems in oral and dental health.
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Swelling of inner cheek pain

Customer Question

I woke up the other morning and I was in severe pain on the left side of my cheek. It was swollen and I couldn’t really open my mouth or eat. What could be the problem?

Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr.Hans replied 9 years ago.

Welcome to JustAnswer!

Is there any decayed /carious tooth in your lower left region?

Has your wisdom tooth fully erupted on left lower side? Is it impacted (embedded) in the jaw?

Do you have other symptoms like headaches, earaches, clicking (sounds) of jaw while mouth opening?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.

My wisdom tooth came through already and I never got it pulled. I have no other symptoms like that just the pain in the jaw and swollen inner cheek. And no there is no decayed tooth.

Expert:  Dr.Hans replied 9 years ago.

Stop putting the hot rag in your mouth; it will aggravate the swelling and inflammation inside your cheeks. You can put ice packs on your cheeks (outside).

This swelling can most likely be acute partitas. Which is an acute inflammatory response to bacterial infection of the parotid gland?
It causes redness pain, swelling and tenderness over the gland on the side of the cheek.

It is a temporary condition and treatment comprises of correction of the lack of fluids (rehydration), antibiotics to reduce the swelling and pain relief by analgesics.

You must start with antibiotics soon which can be obtained by prescription from your dentist or from attending physician at ER. Other than this consume lots of fluids and massage your cheek area from back to front.