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I recently had all my teeth pulled for dentures. I have

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I recently had all my teeth pulled for dentures. I have raynaud''s disease which forced me to have the procedure done at the hospital. (i.e. no circulation to the ends of my fingers, therefore very difficult to monitor my pulse). The procedure was performed by an Oral Surgeon. Problem, my bottom denture does not have anything to adhere to. The surgeon cut out most, if not all of my bone in my jaw which created the problem. I cannot wear my bottom denture because it will not stay in place even with fixodent. I recently checked into dental implants and was informed that I did not have enough bone. I was told that I would have to have a procedure done, at the hospital, whereby they would have to build bone in my mouth to be able to put in an implant. Also, the shape of my mouth has changed drastically. I thought that an oral surgeon would know how much bone should be left for a denture to sit on. Do you believe that I have any legal recourse against the oral surgeon? Vicky Royse

Welcome to just answer,

Can you please tell whether you are suffering from the Raynauds(primary)disease or Raynauds phenomena(secondary raynaud)which is a connective tissue disorder with associated diseases.
It can be associated with such as scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and polymyositis?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dr.Suruchi's Post: I have Raynaud's disease. I have also been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis. A specialist in Louisville, Kentucky diagnosed me having 5% of each of the autoimmune disorders. But did not pinpoint on any one in particular. Why do you ask?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I just wanted to know if you received my reply. I think your asking because it may have something to do with the bone diminishing. But still an oral surgeon would have had x-rays and would have been able to tell me upfront that there was not enough bone to hold a denture. Also, I had to go back and surgically have bone fragments removed about 3 weeks after surgery. It was at that time that he suggested that down the road I might consider dental implants. But he also said that the cost of the implants was coming down. Why wasn't dental implants mentioned before having all of my teeth extracted? Please help me, I miss being able to eat solid food.

Yes i recieved your reply and i was working on your problem and it was very important for me to know your systemic history, Also details of any medical problems which you might be having as this all effects dental health too,along with your the genaral health.

First of all i am sorry to here about your condition,you are correct as there is association of the bone diminshing with some of the autoimmune diseases,Firstly i thought about raynauds but as you told about association of other autoimmune diseases,Secondary raynauds does have number of associations with various connective tissue disorders such as scleroderma(systemic sclerosis),lupus,degenrative arthiritis/osteoarthiritis,also with eating disorders,obstructive disorders or some drugs.In cases of limited scleroderma,Raynauds may precede scleroderma by several years which is due to vasoconstriction of the small arteries of exposed peripheries i.e hands and feet in cold weather and the scleroderma may be limited to only to fingers and is known as sclerodactyly.This limited form of scleroderma is milder and has slow onset,rate of progression and is often reffered to as CREST syndrome of which Raynauds is also one feature.Scleroderma does have various oral manifestations as well,a wide range of oral sequelae-including microstomia,xerostomia,and mandibular bone resorption are present that can complicate oral and general health.

I am surprised about your surgeon not taking this condition into the account before the procedure,Yes he would have definately noticed the bone loss if he has done investigations such as OPG and xrays,and also it was very important for him to assess your systemic condition and inform you about the related consequences.

You can definately contact your local/state association for help and i am sure they will help in solving your matter and getting it down to the lane where you can work on your bone loss and teeth without much spending much!

I hope this answers all your questions

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