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Dr.Hans, Masters of Dental Surgery
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Experience:  11 years of clinical experience in diagnosing and treating problems in oral and dental health.
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I have a mild sore throat only in one spot on the right side

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i have a mild sore throat only in one spot on the right side of my throat it has been bugging me since i got a cold 1 month, 1 week ago. I recently started chewing tobacco about 2 months ago, i dont want cancer! I may of have a sinus infection but im not sure, i do blow my nose in the morning and there is a little bit of green mucous but only in the morning mainly. my throat does seem a little dry which doesnt help it any. I went to the doctor 1 month ago and told him that i thought i had bronchitus, because of green mucous and a lot of coughing. He said that i had a cold and it should go away in about 2 weeks, since then the coughing stopped but i still have a tiny bit of mucous in the morning, please help i have no insurance for 1 month. So i cant see a doctor. I do have a tooth on my right side that is very sensitive to cold, i dont know if it is related to the sore throat pain on the right side of my throat. The rest of my throat is fine. Could it be an abcess? No swelling visible

Welcome to just answer.

Does the involved tooth has cavity?

Do you have bleeding gums/swelling?

Hardness around the tooth(gums)?

Since how long has the tooth been sensitive?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I have cavities from the past that were filled there. when i floss between the back 2 teeth it has a strange smell for atlest 1 year, my dentist never said anything about it though. my tooth has been sensitive for about 1 week. when i breath cold air in or drink cold drinks it hurts but goes away when my mouth is shut. there is no hardness around the gums that i know of. my gums always bleed when i floss or brush. there is no swelling.

As you are having persisiting cold and cough,you might be having upper respiratory tract infection(URI).Upper respiratory tract infections are diagnosed according to the types and durations of symptoms.Cold symptoms that last for months,but are not caused by sinus problems,may actually be allergy-related also.Foul breath may be noted because resident florae process the products of the inflammatory process.

Read more about the URI here:

You need complete course of antibiotics i.e
amoxicillin.Decongestant and Antihistamines and Mucin D will help to improve symptoms but will not clear the infection.You can also try steam Inhalation.
Please avoid oily,fried and spicy foods.
I would like you get your illings revalauted- As if the sensitivity persists there are chances of
the tooth having a dieing nerve and this tooth might need a root canal therapy!This probably means the pulp has been irreversibly damaged by Deep decay or any crack/fracture of filling.What happened initially with this tooth is that the bacteria has penetrated beyond the dentine and inhabits the pulp,Eventually the nerve has died and has become necrotic.
Tooth can also be abscessed without any gum swelling,and causing throat pain which at later stages can also cause throat swelling,As there is possibility of infection under the apex of a tooth without any symptoms.I would certainly investigate any possibility of any dental infection that may be draining into the throat.

You also told that your gums bleed when you brush or floss, For this i recommend you to get complete scaling and root planning(CLEANSING) done by a dentist,your gums bleeding can be indicative of gingivitis(inflammation of gums) which can be corrected,You can also use mouthwashes,which will help in fighting against any bacteria.
You can use listerine or chlorhexidine mouth washes.
You can start with warm saline rinses which will help you, Do it 3-4 times a day.
For your sensitivity you can use any otc desensitizing toothpaste which will provide relief i.e sensodyne.
And about your recent habit of tobacco chewing, please try to reduce it and stop it as soon as possible. I am glad that you are aware of the consequences,so please stop the habit as soon as possible for your better oral and also general health!

I can understand your situation,but donot worry,If funds are posing a problem than you can approach your local/state dental association for help.

You can contact them here:
Also,Best is to get a treatment done from the Dental School in your city.
Have a look at this site:

Feel free to ask again if you have doubts

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Also i did lose my voice for 2 weeks but now it is fine, but since then i have had this sore throat only on one side. Can you prescribe me amoxicillin? Can I print out a prescription? Thank you for your time, you are a wonderful Doctor and you are very helpful.

Thanks for your response, I am glad i could help you,

But dear derakdad,i am extremely sorry to dissappoint you at this matter,We cannot write prescriptions for paients online,This site aims at providing you the information but we are not able to give medicines just based on the symptoms but without proper evaluation and examination.
I am really sorry about this,If you cannot see your doctor,You can try contacting the Emergency rooms at the hospital.The attending physician can give you the prscription of antibiotics,Or you can call up your doctor who can talk to your pharmacy for the prescription.

Please take care of yourself!

I wish you a speedy recovery!

Feel free to ask me again if you have doubts
Dr.Hans and other Dental Specialists are ready to help you