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Dr.Hans, Masters of Dental Surgery
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Experience:  11 years of clinical experience in diagnosing and treating problems in oral and dental health.
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i have three teeth that are quite bad, two so bad they are ...

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i have three teeth that are quite bad, two so bad they are rotted to the gum line. they either had root canals or are just dead as i am not in pian. i am facing my dental fears and going to the dentist this week. i will also tell you that i always have a terrible taste in my mouth. I have been running a low grade fever for some time and because blood work has returned normal, three doctors have told me they think it could be from my teeth. I never feel very well either...fatigued a lot. The dentist I am working with now said he did not think this was from my teeth, so I am confused and would like your opinion. Thank you

Welcome to just answer.

You told there's no pain now? did they hurt earlier?

Since how long your teeth have been this way?

Is there any history of trauma ?

Do you feel any sensitivity to cold/hot foods/drinks?

Are you any medications?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dr.Suruchi's Post: I am on Cozaar for blood pressure.

I have been putting off the dental work for well over two years. I don't recall if I ever had pain, but I have had many root canals. My gums are in pretty bad shape as well.


Thanks alot your response and patience.

I am sorry to hear about your condition,

First of all starting with your rotten teeth,well you definately donot experience any pain because the pulp (living tissue inside the teeth) is necrosed..There also may be a definate colour change because of altered coronal translucency.Discolouration may be caused by hemolysis of the red blood cells or decomposition of pulp tissue, which gives them a rotten appearence,Well the good news is that they can still be treated and saved.As you told that you are scheduled for an appointment in near future,its a good thing. So treat yourself and go!! Donot keep any fears in your mind when you go for your treatment.Talk to your dentist if you have any doubts or fears , let him assure you and believe me good communication really helps,i am sure you'll appreciate the work done and by treating bad teeth or rotten teeth, you will be doing yourself a great favor in terms of oral health care. With excellent dental health, you will have a great smile!

You can get the root canal therapy done follwed by the crowns for the same teeth and make them esthetically and fuctionally appealing as your natural teeth.
You also told that your gums are not in a good shape,so you should take care of them too to prevent as periodontal(gum) disease in near future.You can get complete scaling and root planning (cleansing) done by your dentist,he will do it with ultrasonic scalers,it will help in removing any plaque,calculus or debris present around or under your teeth surfaces and improve the condition of gums to great extent.
Also keep in mind that regular and proper brushing ,flossing,rinsing should be carried out by you,Use a soft brush for brushing,donot brush hard or for long periods of time,this also results in abrasion /recession in gums.
Start using a mouth wash containing chlorhexidine,this will help in preventing bacteria and improve the condition of your gums
Read more about it here

You aslo told that you are having terrible taste in your mouth.and you are having low grade fever and are fatigued a lot. All such symptoms are the side effects of Cozaar which you are taking for blood pressure.

read more about them here:

I hope this answers your questions,feel free to ak me again if you have any doubts!


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Dr.Suruchi's Post: Thank you for your wonderful response.

I never knew that about the Cozaar....that is great to know.

I do have a couple more questions though. I have been on the Cozaar for a long time but have read that you still develop side effects after long term use. Is that correct?

Also, could the bad taste in my mouth and the low grade fever be from my teeth?

Thank you so much

Everyone responds to the drugs in a different way,some might not experience any side effects while in others there is an immediate response.Long term users are bound to have more obvious side effects
Coming to your teeth,if there has been any instances of pus/abscess formation/swelling with those teeth in near past than low grade fever can be associated with your teeth.Its our bodys response to fight against the exsisting infection.Bad taste also can be because of accumulation of plaque/calculus ,which has also affected your gums to some extent.
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