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Dr.Hans, Masters of Dental Surgery
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Experience:  11 years of clinical experience in diagnosing and treating problems in oral and dental health.
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I have a hard knot on the outside of my gum on the front

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I have a hard knot on the outside of my gum on the front part of my mouth. It doesn''t hurt however, I can fill the pressure on it when I press down on my face right beside my nostral. What could this be? My dental insurance is too expensive and I have not seen a dentist about it.

Welcome to just answer

Can you please give me some detailed information about your condition.

Since long has the knot been there?

Is it associated with any teeth located adjacent to it,any carious/decayed tooth?any abscess/pus?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I noticed the knot about 2 weeks ago. I don't have a toothe ache at this time. No puss, no loose teeth. I feel a dull pressure when I push on the tooth below it.


Thanks for your response and patience.Our mouth is a mirror of health or disease,sentinel or early warning symptom.Any unusual growth or symptom that you notice in your mouth should not be left unattended.
This hard knot which you see can be anything from a benign soft tissue growth to a bony growth.These conditions though rare but are present sometimes.This hard knot/lump can be anything from a benign soft tissue to bone growth,can also arise from teeth,It can be an osteoma,fibroma,a tori,an exostoses,fistula or any cyst or a just a bone growth occuring due to some irritation in the oral cavity.
Taking it in a positive way that it is painless so far and you donot feel thats its related to the underlying teeth as theres no pus,no infection etc,you donot feel any pain now but as you do feel pressure,it can be impinging on teeth beneath it and thus it also can be something asymptomatic in the beginning as it has been there only since two weeks,it might grow in due course of time causing other symptoms and pain.

Have it looked to be sure at your next appointment,if you donot see a dentist regularly,treat yourself and go.Peace of mind will be worth the fee alone.Get yourself properly diagnosed,get an xray done for the teeth underlying the knot/lump.Your dentist can guide you in a better way after actually visualizing it.
Such growths if required,can be removed easily by Surgical Excision which can be done by an oral surgeon in his office in single sitting.

If you feel that it will expensive for you to visit a dentist,You can contact your Local Dental Association :

You can also call your Sate Dental Association for assistance.Have a look at following site:

If you have any further doubts,feel free to ask me again!

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