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Mark Bornfeld, DDS
Mark Bornfeld, DDS, Dentist
Category: Dental
Satisfied Customers: 6015
Experience:  Clinical instructor, NYU College of Dentistry; 37 years private practice experience in general dentistry, member Academy of General Dentistry, ADA
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I have a sour tooth at rightside of the upper jaw and now ...

Customer Question

I have a sour tooth at rightside of the upper jaw and now It had developed a cavity, And now I feel that on top of the upper jaw gum inside the muscle I feel something weird liquid ouzings through that cavity which tastes and smells bad. What should I do?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Mark Bornfeld, DDS replied 9 years ago.

Your description is highly suggestive of a chronic dental infection. This typically manifests with the production of pus or other exudate, which builds pressure until it follows a path of least resistance until it evacuates on the surface of the gum. This is no doubt responsible for the bad taste and your perception of drainage. The fact that the adjacent tooth has a conspicuous cavity is further evidence that you have an infected dental pulp.

Just what the most appropriate treatment is will depend on just how bad the tooth has been damaged by the tooth decay, as well as the role this tooth plays in your mouth, economic factors, and your willingness to save the tooth. It is almost a certainty that your tooth will need root canal therapy if the tooth is not already too far gone. The only alternative for teeth such as these is extraction.

I advise you to consult with a dentist to assess your tooth, and to consider its role in the broader context of your entire mouth. In this way, your dentist can guide you in a way that best utilizes your resources of time, money, and resolve to give you the best overall treatment outcome.

Hope this helps...