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Doctor Nash
Doctor Nash, Professor of Medicine (MD)
Category: Dental
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Experience:  Have taught dental students basic sciences and oral medicine.
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I recently had dentures made and they are horrible. They ...

Customer Question

I recently had dentures made and they are horrible. They were made with an overbite. The dentist had the bottom denture remade to match this overbite and now both of the dentures stick out too far. I look hideous and everyone says I do not look anything like myself. What can I do? Am I stuck with them?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Doctor Nash replied 9 years ago.
Have you paid for the dentures?

When you told the dentist that you are not pleased, what did he say?

I am sending this as an Information Request, so you can see it without paying. This is not an answer, so do not pay for it. You pay only for answers.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Doctor Nash's Post: Yes I've paid for them......had to pay before I got the dentures.

When I told him I didn't like the looks he told me this is what they were supposed to look like. I told him the teeth were too big and had an overbite.....he said the bite was my bite but after seeing how upset I was he did get them remade............but, they both stick out too far now! Who in their right mind would want an overbite for a denture??

The problem now is that my mouth is so full of dentures that I cannot close my mouth properly and I look hideous. Even my 4 year old granddaughter thinks I look awful......she says I don't look right.

I cannot eat with these teeth ....there doesn't even seem to be enough room in my mouth for food to get in.

I went the "pull all the teeth and wait until the gums heal" route because the dentist told me that the dentures would fit better.......but the top ones fall out the instant they are inserted. I cannot keep them in without adhesive. I've told him about that and he says since I lost a lot of bone it will be like that......and that I can get a reline in 6 to 9 months (my expense) after they quit shrinking. Why should I have to do this if I went this route? I'd hate to see what they would have done if I'd had immediate dentures!!!!

I also asked for white teeth, not the whitest since I'm 61.....but the next whitest he had. I don't know what happened there but I got yellowed teeth. You can even see the yellow color on them.
Why ask if you aren't going to give the patient what they ask for?

I had gum disease from diabetes is why I had to have all my teeth pulled. I was having absesses and infections and I was tired of the pain. All of this was due to a misdiagnosis of a dentist years ago who told me it wasn't gum disease. To be honest, I think one reason why it went as far as it did was because I was afraid to trust another dentist........I finally had to and thought I found one that was going to do right by me.......but now I'm afraid he was just after the money and now that he's got it he doesn't want to do right by me now.

I don't want to be a pain.....and I really hate having to complain to the dentist about the dentures but like I said, they are hideous. I didn't expect to look exactly like I did (in fact I hoped it would be better) and I certainly didn't expect to look like a famous movie star.....but I did expect to be able to eat with them and look half way decent. I've seen too many people put their dentures in their purse or in a cup of water and leave them there....and I didn't want to be one of those people. But here I am with a set that I can't wear and don't want to wear.

Thanks again.
Expert:  Jewel Simpson, DDS replied 9 years ago.

Dear XXXXXient,

If you are not happy with your dentures, and have paid for them, then an ethical dentist will re-do them until you are happy. If the dentures are so ill fitting that you cannot chew, they fall out, or you have so much pain that you have to remove them during the day, then they definitely need to be redone. The appearance is not so clear. Did you have an overbite before? Some women want an overbite in dentures to fill out the wrinkles in their lips. Did you discuss this with the dentist?

My recommendation is that you get a second opinion, especially from board certified prosthodontist (a specialist in dentures). You can find one in the phone book or by calling your state dental board or your local dental society. You can find these contacts in the phone book, by calling an information operator or online. This specialist can tell you if your dentures are properly made or not. There may be no charge or a consultation fee. Ask in advance when you make an appointment how much you will be charged for an opinion.

If the dentures are faulty and you have paid for them, the dentist who origiinally make them should be allowed to try to remake them. If not, then you should request a refund of your money and have them remade by another dentist. (Preferably by a specialist). If the dentist refused to remake the dentures or refund your money, contact your state dental board and make a complaint. They will mediate the case between you and your dentist and help you get teeth that you like and that fit you well.

I hope this helps.

Sincerely, XXXXX

Expert:  Doctor Nash replied 9 years ago.
Thank you Doctor Jewel Simpson.

Frank Nash

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