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Second opinion] Without Court orders I assigned temporary

Customer Question

Second opinion] Without Court orders I assigned temporary guardianship of my 17 year old daughter to a woman I am not related to. At the time of signing over guardianship my daughter was in possession of a 2003 Monte Carlo. Within two months this lady traded my daughter's car in for a Toyota Corolla less than 5 years old. This woman her name is ***** ***** very wealthy her first husband was a doctor her house is paid for and everything else is too. So she has no need for my daughter's money that is not the problem. When she traded my daughter's Monte Carlo in on the Toyota she paid for the Toyota with cash of her own. My daughter received a check from Social Security for her father's benefits because he is deceased.  The payoff on the Toyota must have been between $8,000 and $10,000, because Jane is having my daughter pay her $1,000 a month out of her social security benefits to pay back for the car. And she says if Gabby leaves her house and the car is not paid off she will not get to take the car with her. Here's the problem... The final payment is the second week of October when Gabby receives her monthly benefits. Gabby wants to move out of this woman's house and move in with me. Her second issue is that she needs two wisdom teeth removed and insurance will not cover it. The cost is going to be about $1,500. Her appointment is already made for August 1st. The wisdom teeth need to come out and very soon. I do not believe any type of contract was written up for repayment of this car. Should I try to approach this woman with a payoff of the remainder to be divided among the next few months so my daughter can afford it? Or should I contact Social Security and Report abuse of her funds, and she had a perfectly good mechanically sound vehicle. There was no reason to trade it in.
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  P. Simmons replied 2 months ago.

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