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Thomas Swartz
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Category: Criminal Law
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Who can i contact about my son that was sentance to prison

Customer Question

who can i contact about my son that was sentance to prison over a year ago bibb correctional facility ala im trying to get him on a work release program cause im in fear for is life he has been beaten twice a stabb serveral times please help
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
he has been beaten with locks in socks a stabbed seraval times they took him to sick bay were he sat three days no medical they put him back out in cell he was stabbed all cause he said no he was not bringing a package back inside prison he was bushhogging an weed eating daily he has finished all classes he put in for worl release program its been three months board is pending mean while all this has happen to him an his good time is gone because he said no an did not know the inmates names only nick names can some one help me he is my only child he has three children of is on please
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
also while he was at sick bay or something his perisonal belongings was stoled an now im recieving threating phone calls telling me what their going to do to him if i dont send money also his wife is recieving same calls cause they have our personal info.
Expert:  Thomas Swartz replied 9 months ago.

Hello T****,

I am sorry to hear about the situation with your son. You might try an organization called State Prison Advocates. This is an organization which helps inmates (for a fee) determine their eligibility for such services as work release, transfers between institutions, medical transfers, administrative remedy filings for situations like your son is in. As mentioned they do charge a fee for their services, but they do advocate for inmates in difficult situations.