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25 years ago I was pulled over for rolling through a stop

Customer Question

25 years ago I was pulled over for rolling through a stop sign (in the State of Oregon). The officer asked for my license and registration. I open my glove box an an ounce of marijuana falls out of it. Apparently is was over an ounce. That is what I was charged with. 1st charge over an ounce. 2nd charge Delivery of a controlled substance. I was told I was charged with that because it was in my vehicle and I was driving around with it (it was not in separate bags.
First offense, was never in any trouble before. Spent one night in jail. Paid fines and had three years of bench probation.
Ok, Employment. I worked for my Fathers Business for 12yrs. He retired. My brother took over the business. I got married and moved close to my Father. I am now looking for employment. I was told that there was going to be a background check. I'm thinking no big deal two charges for marijuana 25 years ago and now its totally legal.
what I did not expect was 15 pages of criminal type A felonies B Felonies and schedule1 possession The case numbers are all the same except one. It states the information given to the background agency was from the Oregon department of Corrections! I dont understand this. it states I was convicted. I never spent any time in prison!
OK the rest of the pages. These pages have a different case number ***** almost like a appendix to? The case number ***** starts out with (Dlin the case number ***** then a fdef00001) at the end. It will state the offense description. But, Right next to it states repealed/renumbered. When you get to the Deposition it states. Dismissed defendant indicted. When it comes to how many counts it states 0000.
Curiosity got the best of me. So I actually looked up the Oregon state laws on this type of ruling. They are not there. You would think there would be some type of reference pertaining to the old laws. From what I see they have been changed several times.
Anyways, Why would it state Dismissed defendant indicted? This is not a grand jury case! It was a jury trial for that county. I was not offered a plea bargain! It was what it was. No investigations!
So, if the charges were dropped down to lesser charges. Then OK Fine. I was given a class A Felony at the beginning. Under the county laws this felony is actually expunge able. Only the ones that fall into those certain years guidelines.
My Biggest problem. The background checks. With 15 pages of felonies I dont think I will get a call back anytime soon. As far as the background check companies you have to show each individual company your original case and if it is not corrected within that one company within a 30 day period then you have to file an appeal? With every back ground check Company?????
If I was an employer. and saw that. I don't think I would even give them the time to explain it. I would chalk it up to being to much of a hassle. and move on to the other 50 Applicants.
Any advise? on what to do? Some of these background places are a joke. One of places I checked my background on Actually was flashing with red letters stating "What you are about to read on (your name) is shocking." Isn't there some kind of statues of limitations? These felonies I have on my record are not even felonies anymore. Heck there not even Misdemeanors. now.
Would appreciate any advise please!
Jeanette ***********
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question.

This seems like it will continue to be a problem forever if you do not get a records expunged.

The forms and instructions on how to do that are linked from

I cannot think of a better option, and you can this without an attorney.

I hope this information is helpful.