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D Downs-Vollbracht
D Downs-Vollbracht, Criminal Defense Lawyer
Category: Criminal Law
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My husband is a cinematographer & rents his equipment

Customer Question

My husband is a cinematographer & rents his equipment through ShareGrid, which claims "Fully Verified Members & Instant Insurance." A man posed as a cinematographer on ShareGrid & rented my husband's $60k camera. He stole it, never returned it. We found out he's stolen equipment from multiple people in Los Angeles. We have his photo ID and have been in touch with his sister who we found on Facebook, who claimed the family had not contacted him for 5 years because he is a thief. My husband had theft insurance but not voluntary parting coverage and now say he's not covered. What can we do? Can we a) get the insurance company to agree that it is theft or b) can we try to take the thief to court, how much could we get back in compensation?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  D Downs-Vollbracht replied 11 months ago.
What a terrible breach of trust. I am so sorry. Let's see if we can develop a plan. Have you reported the camera stolen with the police? I know that is a basic start, and often they won't open a criminal matter in what they consider a civil issue, but having that formal complaint on file can help with your insurance. Next, if you have a copy of your husbands agreement with ShareGrid, there may be a provision in there you can used to leverage some cooperation from ShareGrid as they are a third party named broker.
Expert:  D Downs-Vollbracht replied 11 months ago.
Take screen shots of the FB information from the sister, and have all valuations of the equipment together in a file. California has some of the toughest consumer protection laws in the country, and with your ShareGtid contract and documents regarding the transaction, the FB statements of the sister, and any adverts you may have from ShareGrid as to their verification process for members and their instant insurance, you should be able to get a case opened as a consumer affairs matter. Some of this additional legwork may well change the private insurance of your husband and / or ShareGrid to reconsider insurance coverage.